Crystal Glam

Last Thursday our stores started receiving brand new stock from City Chic's latest range "Crystal Glam" and I'm beyond excited because this is totally my look! I love anything sparkly or over the top, it just makes me want to get dressed up and hit the town!
I rushed into my local City Chic store to try on this gorgeous sequined jacket and instantly fell in love. Please excuse the fact I didn't put on make up or do my hair. I was too excited to fluff about, I just had to get in store quick smart. The cut of the Drapey Sequin Killer Jacket is awesome and I really do love the draping at the front, it's a bit of a twist on the sequin blazer you may have seen around online from other labels. I'm also wearing the Puff Sleeve Top in Purple, a new shade brought out just for Crystal Glam.
The fit is nice, I got a size L because as a photographer I'm always bending and stretching so I require a lot of movement from things I wear. The M did fit me perfectly but I preferred a roomier fit. I'm not the shy type when it comes to clothes so I can see myself wearing this day or night depending on the occasion.
I like that the hem and the hem of the sleeves have graduated sequin work, I think it's really pretty and breaks up the block of shimmery fabric. The care instructions for this item are pretty low maintenance, no dry cleaning or hand washing required. Just turn it inside out, place it in a laundry bag and wash as normal, too easy!
The staff were busy unpacking stock when I arrived and it was so cool to see next month's look developing. Lots of black, charcoal, cream and lilac with lots of sparkles and gems. I can't wait to see what else City Chic releases in the coming weeks.

What's your favourite piece from the Crystal Glam collection so far?


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