4 Bloggers, 4 Hot Looks

So many things have been happening behind the scenes lately, it constantly feels like go-go-go but in a good way. I've only just managed to catch my breath to share some of it with you all. One of the most exciting things (to me anyway) was finally getting to meet the other lovely City Chic bloggers in person! We chatted about all things bloggy, ate muffins, drank lots of water and sipped flat whites until it was time to get all dolled up... can anyone say MAKEOVERS!
Leah was our hair and make up go-to gal who did magical things with a brush, such a lovely person and so sweet. Here is Hope our blogger of all things music getting all done up, I love her glam rock chic look.
Once we'd donned our outfits, had our final touch ups and freaked out just a little bit (ok, maybe that was just me) we stepped into the spotlight and did our thing... and it was so. much. FUN! This is Carley, she's the Marketing Manager for City Chic, the one who gives me all the inside gossip of upcoming styles and trends to look out for so I can share them with you.
Here's our girl Hayley working her unique look for the lens despite her broken toe, what a trooper! She really does sheer so well and I'm desperately coveting her necklace. You can see more of this look in a recent blog post she did here: Hayley Does Vogue
You saw Hope getting her hair and make up done but here's her full look. I love how she's layered pretty feminine textures (satin & lace) but in a bold and rock chic kind of way. Hope is from Brisbane and jet-setted her way down to Sydney for the day, I was so glad I was able to get to know her a little better, she's super sweet.
Em, our lovely London blogger flew in for a whirlwind visit and wowed us all with her curvy, confident look. This girl has spunk, not to mention she's smart and funny... I kind of wished she didn't have to head back to Mr Darcy and London, we could have just hung out and played with clothes all day long.
Then there's me, Danimezza trying my best to look like I know what I'm doing. As a photographer, it was weird for me to be the one being photographed but I still had a hell of a lot fun prancing about. City Chic's model Courtney even popped in to give us a few pointers! Thanks Em for taking these photos for me, I can't wait until the professional ones are released.

So there you go, a little inside gossip to make up for the lack of posts lately. All the girls have been super busy coming up with plans and new ideas on how to create a better blog for everyone to enjoy. Keep your eyes peeled because it's going to be off the hook!


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