Parramatta City Chic

A few weeks back I journeyed to Parramatta to visit one of the most popular City Chic stores, hang out with the staff who make fashion fun and photograph willing City Chic customers in their favourite pieces. It was great to see the girls do their thing, styling up customers, making sales and keeping the shop pretty. I have a history in retail and I was really proud of their work, you should drop in and say hi.
 Bec, Gregoria (store manager) & Cassie
Personally I love the store's design and layout. The change room cubicles are nice and big although they could do with a few more, it gets pretty crazy in there! There are big flat screen TV showcasing the current seasons trends and there is plenty of floorspace to move about freely, without fear of bumping into a rack and having coat hangers continually falling on the floor (my pet hate).
Parramatta City Chic get several sizes of each item, much more than most stores so if your local City Chic has run out of a particular item, be sure to check in here as they might be able to find it for you straight off the rack. It's located in Westfield and is super close to all forms of public transport and has lots of parking available.
One of the things I love about visiting the different City Chic stores, is seeing the different outfits displayed on the store mannequins. Sure, the ones in the windows have to be dressed as the visual merchandising guide instructs, but the ones amoung the floor stock are usually styled by the staff. Every single staff member has a different idea about style and draw from personal influences so it's really interesting to see how they all mix it up and add their own flair.
This one was my favourite, I just adore the dot theme. The skirt, halter, jacket, even the belt and necklace have dots and it's just works. Thanks Bec for being so adventurous and playful, keep it up! I'll be taking photos of my favourite mannequins at each store so get styling ladies!
I had a really great time hanging out the with the girls and getting to know the customers. I got some great photographs (which I'll share soon) and lots of City Chic feedback forms filled out which I'll be taking straight to head office. Hopefully over the next few months I'll be visiting more and more stores, getting to meet all the lovely City Chic fans and hearing your insights... oh and taking your photos!

This Thursday from 6:30pm - 8:30pm I'll be at Castle Hill City Chic


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