One Piece TWO Ways

Here's a hot tip, this little tie front denim vest $49.95 is an instant classic; a versatile little piece perfect for styling up in so many different ways your never gonna believe you lived without it. Those days will come to be known as the TBV or in other words, the time before vest. Yes, that is how much I believe in this little piece.

And I'm not the only one. Blogger Elise from yELLE Styling, took inspiration from our current Pin Up Girls lookbook and styled the vest up in a retro 50's rockabilly way. Loving the exposed midriff, red lips and the pin curl fringe Elise!

I thought I would show you just how versatile the vest is by showing you that it not only goes with the rockabilly look, but with this seasons other standout trends too!

Trend watch: Australiana
 Australiana is a trend that has been building up for a while. It started with the khaki army looks that were coming in from the European and American runways, and mutated over here with designers such as Arsndorf and Above twisting the theme with a focus on the colours of our sunburnt country. Think traditional Australian elements such as the Akubra hat, teamed with khaki combat shorts and burnt orange tees.

How to wear:
Akubra hat - An Aussie classic!
City Chic tie front denim vest $49.95.
City Chic cargo shorts $69.95 - Whats more Aussie than some Steve Irwin-esque shorts?
City Chic bow front blouse $69.95 - Fem up the look with the bow.
Utilitarian backpack - Backpacks are in, haven't you heard? They are all over the glossy mags this month!
Brown leather wedges - wedges always work!

Trend watch: Hippie Luxe Music Festival
 Every Summer sees a resurgence of hippie styling thanks in part to the music festivals that travel up and down the east coast. Music festivals always bring with them ideas of the worlds 1st and greatest music fest, Woodstock, and this season is no different. As we see the more 90's grunge look slowly leaving and making way for a more 70's hippie feel with headbands, colourful trippy prints and lots of beads in order come festival day.

How to wear:
City Chic tie front denim vest $49.95.
Vintage leather satchel - vintage is the way to go when talking hippie fashion.
City Chic black beads necklace $14.98 - Tribal-esque beads for maximum hippie style.
Clogs - while these may not be music festival practical, they are prefect for the after party with the band!
City Chic flutter sleeve top $69.95 - This floaty blouse is perfect to rock out in.
City Chic stud belt $29.95 - Streamline your look by highlighting your waist.
City Chic indie print skirt $34.98 - The printed skirt has hippie luxe written all over it.

I'm picking up a vest in store this week, and while I'm there I'll be making a donation to the Queensland flood relief fund that all City Chic stores are participating in.  Its devastating what's happened and any little bit helps.


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