Looking Chic in Paris for New Years Eve.


New Years for me is always an important time of year. I am no longer much of a drinker and my New Years are less about parties and more about renewal. I believe a New Year is a time to look about and think - I shall start this year as I mean to go on. This year, as with last, Darcy and I whisked ourselves quietly away to Paris for a romantic and quiet start to 2011.

We spent our New Years Eve walking through the streets, visiting the AMAZING Galleries LaFayette (for more on that complete fashion experience - head to my
personal blog - Oh The Places You'll Go!). While I didn't plan to party - I did want to look gorgeous for my man... So, of course - packed my City Chic!

A little low-light - but you get the gist!

Apart from coveting couture, we spent New Years Eve looking at the Eiffel Tower, walking past the Louvre and eating delicious food.

LOVE this one!

My fingernails need painting (and growing)! LOL!

My New Years was seen in, in front of Notre Dame with a Crepe in hand. I started the year relaxed and happy with the person I love and the next day... I headed across to the Louvre for a little Mona Lisa.


Needless to say, it was all pretty lovely! Head to my blog now, for a look at the Galeries LaFayette Couture!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Rose Garden Dress by City Chic
Cardigan: Ruffle Neck Shrug by City Chic
Coat: Italian Wool Coat by BHS
Scarves: A gift from mum!


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