City Chic Store Manager Rose has BBQ Lunch with Oprah on Ultimate Australian Adventure!

This is Rose, the Store Manager of City Chic in Blacktown who's family were lucky enough to get a surprise visit from Oprah during her recent Ultimate Australian Adventure in December. Rose's sister invited Oprah over for a BBQ when she was attending her show in Chicago two years ago... little did she know that Oprah would be giving her and her family one of the biggest surprises of their lives by taking her up on the offer! After  a gorgeous Mediterranean/Australian spread Oprah gave the family all seats to her Sydney Show and City Chic wanted to make sure they all arrived in style.

 Welcome Oprah!
Rose's family invited us into their home and the City Chic team got to work doing everyone's hair and make up so they looked absolutely flawless, which is what you need to be when you have front row seats! It was great to meet everyone and talk about how they felt and what they did when Oprah was a guest in their home. No one could seem to get over how humble and down to earth she was in person and everyone had huge grins plastered on their face as they told their tales.
 So many gorgeous shades and colours!
Creating glamorous looks is easy when you know what you're doing and the City Chic team of experts worked their magic on the lovely (and did I mention lucky) family. I took along my camera and hung around to capture all the excitement and preparations to share with you guys.
Is it just me or does Rose have the most perfect eyebrows!
Everyone was just on such a high, big smiles and happy chatter. You could tell Rose loved playing with the make up and the City Chic team gave all the ladies lots of great tips and tricks which I'll share with you in another post.
A family affair to remember.
Everyone gathered at the house in excited anticipation, sharing their Oprah tales and wondering out loud about what might happen at the show. There was also a lot of talk about Bon Jovi.
Getting the rock start treatment.
City Chic knew this was a moment that Rose would never forget so we pulled out all stops to make sure she and those she loved, enjoyed every second of it. A photographer (me) and film crew captured every little detail so the day would always be fresh in their memory forever.
Tools of the trade.
Wouldn't it be great to have someone come to your house everyday and professionally do your hair, just like the stars! The City Chic team tamed tresses, straightened and blow waved their way to hair perfection and you could really see how much Rose's sisters were enjoying the girlie fun.
Sisters doing it for themselves.
Rose comes from a big family and everyone pitched in without ever needing to be asked. They enjoyed sharing, assisting and really being in the moment together. Such a wonderful family who made the City Chic team feel so welcome.
Finishing touches for Mumma-to-be.
Rose's sister's baby was due any day and she was so afraid of going into labour during the show, even more so being in the front row, talk about potential drama! Despite her fears she didn't go into labour but instead totally rocked her baby bump in a City Chic dress and simply glowed.
The City Chic touch.
As we spent the day playing with hair and make up, time swiftly swept by and it was time to get dressed. Everyone quickly made some finishing touches, jumped up and down and screamed a little too. It was nearly "Oprah Time"!
Dresses for Divas.
The ladies chose their favourite City Chic pieces as well as accessories to finish their looks. They all had the same excitement as I'd witnessed from Brides getting ready on their wedding day. I felt so lucky to be a part of the moment.
Finishing Touches.
Rose's favourite perfume is Clinique Happy and a I couldn't think of a more perfect perfume to match her personality. She really is a gem and I'm so glad I got to meet her. I see a lot more trips to Blacktown City Chic in future if I get to hang out and dress up with this lady!
After her look was completed Rose posed for me on the stairs of her absolutely stunning family home. She was such a pleasure to photograph and such a beauty. The One Shoulder Hibiscus Print Maxi was so vibrant and playful, perfect for a night of Oprah and Bon Jovi.
Making lunch for everyone including the City Chic team.
From the moment you stepped inside, Rose's family made you feel like one of them. I could of hung out there all day, such a great vibe and lovely bunch of passionate people.
 Oprah before Oprah is essential.
Would you believe me if I told you whilst we waited for the limo to arrive (yes, I said limo) the family sat back, enjoyed their lunch and watched... Oprah! Once again everyone got wound up and as Rose and I walked off to start our interview we could hear more excited screaming about what lay before them.
There is nothing more fashionable than a smile.
I took these photos of Rose whilst the camera crew were setting up to capture the interview. These two were taken within moments of each other so you can imagine the roller coaster of emotions she was going through. A once in a lifetime moment she'll never forget and all the while, ever so humble.
Pimped Out.
The Limo arrived and Rose and I raced out to get some super cool portraits, I love how dynamic they are and Rose looks like she was born to ride in one, this girl oozes style.
Night club in a car!
City Chic didn't just want to dress them stylishly, we wanted to deliver the family to the Oprah Show in style too! The limo had everything you could possible need and more lights and effects than I had ever seen, seriously cool.
 Off she goes!
After a whirlwind of preparations and maybe just a few more excited screams, the family were off to the Opera House in Sydney Harbour for their second thrilling Oprah experience that week... did I mention how lucky there are?!

I'll be doing an interview with Rose soon about her experience at the Oprah show so keep an eye out. Also don't forget to drop into the City Chic store in Blacktown and say Hi to Rose, she's lovely!


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