Chic, Rattle & Roll

The sales stock is dwindling away and now it's time to release City Chic's brand new look for January and what a rockin' one it is too! Courtney gets together with a couple of her gorgeous gal-pals for gossip and giggles at the local milk bar... in total 50's Pin-Up Style!
Besides instantly craving a chocolate milkshake, I'm also lusting after several pieces from the collection... not to mention embellished ankle socks! I've already bought the Navy Piping Pin Up Dress (it has POCKETS!!!), I've been twirling around in it all afternoon. I can't wait to see more pieces as they're released over the next few weeks. Here is the latest behind-the-scenes video which I'm sure will tickle your fancy...

If you've bought a piece or two from the range be sure to keep an eye out for January's Chic of the Month competition, I'll be announcing December's Winner and blogging about the new competition next week... it will be totally worth your while to enter, trust me!

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