I have just gotten back from a weekend at the Gold Coast where I attended the Big Day Out Festival. As I've mentioned a few times in past posts I work for my dad who owns and manages a Concert Sound and Lighting Production company so I get to go to a lot of festivals and concerts for free. Big Day Out is one of the festivals we supply production and crew for so I have been going to the Festival for years! Sunday was my 9th Big Day Out in a row! As the years have gone by I have seen many acts come and go. One of my favourite things about BDO is seeing an Australian band play one of the smaller side stages at the beginning of the day then years later seeing them play the mainstage towards the end of the day. This has happened many times with bands like; Wolfmother, Jet, and John Butler.

I wasn't expecting to be 'wowed' by my 9th Big Day Out. I wasn't a huge fan of the line up but I always love the festival and it has become quite a tradition for me to attend . As Sunday rolled around my excitement grew to become quite large.

The first band of the day was an Australian band; Little Red who were up second on the mainstage. Little Red are a fantastic festival starter! Full of energy, songs such as; 'Witchdoctor', 'Coca-Cola' and, 'Rock It' got the party started and the crowd ready for a day of amazing bands! Dead letter Circus were up next - I'm not much of a fan of them so I decided a relaxing half an hour in front of a fan in the Guest Bar was in order. Next on the agenda was to venture into 'Lillyworld' - this is a little world created by Big Day Out where anything goes; weird, wacky, wonderful. I think the best way to describe this place is to tell you the name of one of the 'acts' they had onstage; Bogans on Acid, did I mention it's a wacky place?

Washington were the next band on my list - I wasn't much of a fan of the international acts at Big Day Out this Year as I had seen almost all of the headliners play at festivals or gigs in previous years so I thought it would be a good time to check out some Australian bands I loved but hadn't seen before. Washington played the Essential stage which is one of the side stages. The crowd to see Megan and her band was so large we couldn't even get into the tent. I did stop outside and hear a fantastic rendition of their song 'The Hardest Part' which was fantastic! Next up were CSS in the Boiler Room which is the dance stage and always lives up to it's name - It is boiling in there. You look up wondering why it feels like it's raining inside (it's inside a giant tent) then realize it's just the sweat and humidity in the air - yes it is crazy! CSS are a party band! Singer Lovefoxxx is absolutely adorable and jumps around the stage like an excited rabbit. 'Left Behind' had everyone on their feet!

It was off for some respite at the guest bar where we relaxed in front of the fans and heard sets by; Lupe Fiasco, Bliss n Eso, Deftones and Birds of Tokyo, all of which aren't really my favourite types of music but all put on great sets that impressed the crowd.

Come 5 o'clock I was absolutely exhausted so I headed back to the Hotel sun burnt, exhausted, filthy, and sore but impressed with yet another Big Day Out. I haven't yet mentioned my favourite part of the day;


When I was thirteen years old I fell in love with a band and a man. The band; The Vines, The man; Craig Nicholls (singer of The Vines). My bedroom wall was covered ceiling to floor with posters and photos of them, my school books were covered in pictures of Craig and, I still have every one of their albums and singles as well as numerous amounts of other memorbillia. I told anyone who would listen about how Craig and I would one day get married. Let's just say he was my Justin Bieber. As the years went by I matured (or came to terms with reality) I realized that the love I had for Craig was more or less admiration for a man and band who had introduced me to Rock n Roll! The Vines opened the mainstage at the Big Day Out Festival, I woke up at 7:30am to make sure I would be there waiting for them but alas, things didn't go according to plan and we arrived inside just as the band were walking off stage. I was devastated! I noticed there was a Channel V artists signing tent next door to the guest bar so I decided to have a look at the timetable - I didn't have high hopes about The Vines doing a signing as I knew that the band rarely do meet and greets and signings. Lucky for me I was wrong. At 2:30pm a dream I had since I was 13 years old came true and I met The Vines and Craig Nicholls!! The Vines were actually at my first Big Day Out in 2003 and I managed to get side of stage for their show except I was so excited about going side of stage that I forgot my camera! My 'Vines' experience is proof that dreams do come true, sometimes it just takes 9 years!

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