Alpine Accessories!

Alpine Accessories include umbrellas, hats and scarves!

Since arriving in the UK two years ago I have taken up the winter sport of SLEDDING. Seriously, I am not a skiier or snowboarder (I never have been) so finding a sport to enjoy in Winter which I could easily and safely learn was important - I am hooked!

This is an old photo from my personal fashion blog, but remains the best picture I have of my snow jacket and pants... Bright Pink rules baby!

I am in the process of updating my snow-scape wardrobe but wanted to show you HOW rugged up you have to be (some days were minus 9 degrees - and add to that wind chill!) You can not fool around, and almost JUST as important are the accessories you take along.

You need wool! A full wool scarf and hat are a must for Sledding, as are gloves and goggles. Also, in sunshine - the sun will reflect off the snow which means sunglasses are a must! No kidding, it gets cold sledding - you go fast, the snow sprays into your face and the wind can be fierce (one day we were there they closed the mountain due to 70km per hour winds!), so be safe, warm and careful!

Having fun means being WARM ENOUGH to enjoy yourself!

I rugged up like the Michelon Man for all my days on the mountains, but at night and for my train travel I styled myself sexy in City Chic jeans and scarf... and STACKS of thermal underwear!

Sexy and stylish, these City Chic High Waist Corset Jeans and scarf make an awesome addition to my winter wardrobe here in the UK!

(PS. I have been REALLY lucky to travel quite a bit lately here in Europe over the Christmas holidays and feel so excited for my next post - from Paris! x.)



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