Friday, December 31, 2010


I thought I'd share a few different looks in case you were stuck deciding on an outfit for tonight's New Years Eve celebrations. I've tried to cover lots of different occasions and include different sleeve and length options. At the time of posting this, all these styles were available online but I can't guarantee your size will be available, the response to the 50% OFF sale online was huge. Hopefully you find the following sets helpful but as always, if you want a personal styling experience you can email Hayley and I anytime... enjoy!
What would a great party be without someone sporting a LBD. The one's I've shown are all strapless but there are so many bolero and cover up options to choose from in store or online. My favourite way to dress up a LBD is to use big, bright and bold accessories, the more colour the better. If you prefer to tone it down, just stick to a metallic shade like silver or gold or even all black.
I love colour. It took a long time for me to break out of my habit of only wearing black "because it's slimming". If you wear something that fits well, compliments your skin tone and ultimately makes you feel great when you wear it, then that's what you should wear. Ruffles are one of my favourite things lately, they're just so flattering and feminine. These outfits would be great dressed up for cocktails or dressed down for a casual BBQ, definitely items that would get a good work out in your wardrobe.
Those who know me know I love prints. They're attractive to the eye, disguise little lumps and make a statement... wallflowers need not apply. Prints come in and out of fashion but if you keep the colours neutral they'll last more many more seasons to come. These pieces would be great worn out to dinner, to the beer garden or outside by the water. Keep accessories to a minimum and stick to one colour to avoid the outfit becoming to busy, personally I love wooden accessories.
LBD dress too over the top for your celebration? Not a fan of bold colours or loud prints? Then maybe you're looking for something more like this. Light fabric tops on soft pastel colours just perfect for the 40C weather we'll be expecting. You could wear them with shorts or capri's, don't feel like you have to peel on a pair of jeans, if you're comfortable, you'll be confident. Don't forget to accessorize and keep the pieces small and dainty with just a hint of bling.
Finally, for those that like to add a bit of funk to their look. Dark tones and textures show off your moody side and instantly scream "I've got attitude"... take the new year head on and make it yours! Focus on textures like leather/lace/satin/suede/velvet when pulling your outfit together and keep the accessories metallic or black. Perfect for the club, bar or anythere near music and spotlights.

Be fearless ladies and take center stage in 2011

Monday, December 27, 2010


As a lot of curvy ladies around the country (and lets not forget our neighbours in New Zealand) did today, I hit my local City Chic store to take advantage of the HUGE 75% Off sale.
"My Girls" were doing their thing, gracefully floating about the store, assisting customers, fixing up hangers, processing sales and just looking super fabulous. I got flashbacks from my retail days and I was glad I was on the other side of the counter.
So many gorgeous pieces on sale and not just in XS or S either as some customers have reported on facebook, there were plenty of M and XL items too. Rouse Hill isn't near a train station but it is serviced by buses and has heaps of parking.
I hung out in the store for awhile, chatting to customers, getting feedback and putting outfits together. The store has such a positive vibe and the customers are just as lovely as the staff. The store layout is good too because even though it got packed a few times it didn't feel like you were squished.
 My favourite deal of all was the Cami's. I should take a photo of all the cami's I have, some I've had for almost five years, they're great quality and I really like the length. The hardest part was choosing which colours/patterns I wanted!
Me hanging out with the sexy swimsuit model and Elise, the Rouse Hill Store Manager. If you ever want a personalised shopping/styling experience come say hi to this girl, she'll rock your wardrobe. 

I'll be heading to the following stores in January so keep an eye out for me and don't be afraid to say hi and if you're game I'll snap a photo of you rocking your fave City Chic outfit and post it on the blog!
  • Penrith ~ 6th January 2011 from 6:30-8:30
  • Parramatta ~ 13th January 2011 from 6:30-8:30
  • Blacktown ~ 20th January 2011 from 6:30-8:30
  • Castle Hill ~ 27th January 2011 from 6:30-8:30

    Up to 75% OFF instore!!!

    The 50% City Chic Online Sale is still going strong but for all the ladies out there who prefer to try clothes on rush into your local store now because City Chic is offering up to 75% OFF selected ranges, that kind of discount is unheard of!!!

    Selected stores were open Boxing Day but all stores, both in Australia and New Zealand reopen today, for contact details and opening hours for individual stores click here.

    Have fun ladies and DON'T FORGET... you only have 4 days left to sumbit a photo of yourself wearing your City Chic jeans to win a City Chic Online Gift Voucher... personally I couldn't think of a better time to win one! Email me at danimezzablog(at)hotmail(dot)com

    Saturday, December 25, 2010

    Boxing Day Trading

    Just in case you planned on braving the crowds and hitting the shops tomorrow, the following City Chic stores will be open. All others will reopen on Monday the 27th of December.

    ACT - Canberra
    NSW - Tuggerah
    VIC - All Stores Open
    SA - Harbourtown
    WA - Rockingham / Morley / Whitford / Carosel
    NZ - All Stores Open

    Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping x

      Friday, December 24, 2010

      A 'Celebrity' Year in Review

      With Christmas Day looming, it inevitably means the end of yet another year. And what a year it has been in the fabulous (ahem, crazy!) world of celebrities, gossip and all things fashion.

      As we begin to take stock and evaluate our goals for 2011, I thought this would be a perfect time to briefly look back on the good, the bad and the ugly from the year that was.

      I don't think LiLo was absent from a single newspaper this year. It's been a long time coming for the troubled child star, but it seems perhaps Lindsay Lohan is back on the wagon after checking herself into the Betty Ford Centre and (hopefully) on her way to sobriety. Perhaps 2011 will be her year?

      Bieber Fever hit hard! Jusin Bieber that is. Whether he is your cup of tea or not, you have to give the kid some credit for what he has achieved this year - hit records, sold out tours. Don't tell anyone, but I actually find myself singing along occasionally :)

      The same hysteria surrounds RPatz! The latest installment from the Twilight Saga, Eclipse, was yet another hugely successful film and sent females around the world into a Robert Pattinson frenzy!

      Finally, perhaps one of the biggest celebrities for 2010 - the one and only Lady Gaga. Love her or hate her, she has certainly made her presence known throughout the globe! With her outlandish dress sense (do we all recall the 'meat dress' controversy) and catch pop infused dance tracks Gaga is now a household name. Her much anticipated third record, Born This Way, is set to be release early 2011.

      I am eagerly anticipating what next year will bring us in the wonderful world of celebrities.

      Until the next red carpet, I would like to wish you all a safe a fabulous Christmas.

      Happy Boxing Day Shopping!

      I am counting down the days.. Can't wait to see what other specials CC has in store for us all!


      2010 Celebrities


      Today I wanted to share a few Maxi dresses with you and there's not a single cardigan, shrug or bolero to be seen. I am amoung a large majority of women who despise their arms and the owner of a large collection of items to cover up my "flaw", you could call me "the queen of the 3/4 sleeve" if you like but I just call myself embarrassed. I'm being proactive about my health and trying to tone things up but at the same time I'm retraining my brain to love me as I am everyday which I think is just as healthy if not more so. 
      I wanted to share a few dresses that City Chic has in stock at the moment, none of which I would have chosen myself, Elise chose them for me to try on. I also want to remind you that I'm not a model and to encourage you to try on something you wouldn't normally have the courage to try... be fearless, you might be surprised!
      I really love the bold colours of this dress. When I saw it on the hanger I wasn't impressed but Elise (Rouse Hill Store Manager) urged me to try it on. I was there to break down mental barriers so I rolled with it and as you can tell from my smile, I'm glad I did. It was comfortable as the bust was completely shirred, the dress fell beautifully and the fabric was so soft. Oh, and I'm wearing my Lovable Convertible Bra which is available in City Chic stores.
      I've noticed on facebook that a lot of ladies want shorter maxi dresses, this might be one to try on. That said you can always get any item from City Chic altered at a dress makers, most shopping centers have them these days or you can find plenty in the yellow pages and the charge is usually pretty minimal, less than the cost of lunch. Anyway, back to the dress... I could see it being a part of my wardrobe. A nice dress which you could wear casually to the shops or dressed up for a date with your friends or loved one. The bust is also shirred on this dress and the fabric is nice and slinky.
      If you like a dress with a bit of va-va-voom then this is it! The plunging neckline had me adjusting a lot but I have pretty big boobs so for ladies with a more modest chest who want a little extra boost, I can't stress enough how much you should try this dress on. I loved that I didn't have to wear a strapless bra and really liked the little beaded detailing on the straps, an extra reason not to cover up. The drape of the dress is lovely and I really liked the flower print, it makes a statement without being to over the top.
      I adored the soft fabric, the style, cut, neckline... even the ruffle but for me personally, I just couldn't love the print on the bottom. I'm not really a tropical kind of girl but I know that because the dress has great "bones" a lot of ladies would totally rock it. Scared of ruffles, think they make you look bigger... forget the myth, ruffles make my day and any outfit that makes me smile... completes the outfit. Wear what you love ladies but don't be afraid to try something new.

      Special thanks to Elise, Store Manager - City Chic Rouse Hill for taking these photos xx

      Thursday, December 23, 2010

      50% OFF SALE

      WooHoo!!! City Chic is having an online sale RIGHT NOW... 50% OFF EVERYTHING ladies so quit reading this post and get over there pronto!!! Stock goes super fast at these prices and it includes all the latest pieces. If you do miss out, don't forget to head into your favourite City Chic store, they have all the goodies you need for the festive season... Oh and doesn't Courtney look super quirky as a puppet?!

      Shop til your fingers fall off... HERE

      Sunday, December 19, 2010

      Changeroom Confessions

      Peep Toe Xover Heel $99.95 and a necklace that isn't available online yet but just hit stores.
      As promised, here is me in all my glory... wearing shorts. My knees have never really seen the light of day in recent years but I'm pale all over so it doesn't really bother me and no, I don't fake tan. What I am conscious of is the chunky thighs weighing down on my knees making them look dumpy... it's the reason I haven't worn shorts in forever. But... now that I'm looking at the whole picture, they bother me less. I think I look pretty damn good and you know what... that makes me feel brilliant!
       I'm wearing: One Shoulder Ruffle Wild Zebra Top $79.95, 
      Again I'm rocking the shorts but this time I've paired it with the ultra glam Miami Heat top that featured in the campaign, it was just way too hot to try on jeans last night. The top feels really pretty to wear and the ruffle is very understated, I also liked the fitted waist, very comfortable. I have quite big breasts so one shoulder tops/dresses generally make me feel uncomfortable as I feel unsupported but when you get a top this flamboyant and fun, you just have to try it on!
      To be completely honest, I was a bit nervous about this dress I tried it on because I had a feeling a few of you were too by the reactions it got on facebook, plus I looooved the colour. It's very form fitting so on larger girls like me it will show those extra curves and bumps but I can imagine wearing it with tights and maybe not pulling it down so far so it does act like a tunic as it was designed to be. I never really liked split sleeves either but now I find them to be really flattering. As some of the ladies on facebook mentioned, if you loved the dress but weren't keen on the split sleeves, you could always stitch them up by hand, personally I love them.
      As soon as I saw this dress online I had to try it on. I loved the bold colours, the wing sleeve and the pretty scooped hemline. I liked the way it wrapped itself around my middle, it was very flattering and thanks to my Loveable convertible bra from City Chic (the only style bra I've used in 4 years, excluding maternity) I felt comfortable and supported even though I only had one shoulder strap. If you're unsure about one shoulder dresses or tops, try this one on and you'll fall in love like me.
       I'm wearing: Flower Rain Dress $99.95, Black Beads Bracelet $24.95,  Peep Toe Xover Heel $99.95
      You should know, as soon as I slipped this dress on, I bought it. I took it straight home and strutted around the house in it! It's so prefect for summer due to the light fabric. I loved the length, the zippered low cut bust and how my back is completely covered. I teamed it with the thick chunky buckled belt and the new black beaded bracelet. The pattern on the dress is dark yet feminine and I like that. If you wanted to cover up your arms you could easily throw on a shrug or bolero and the dress is so easy to dress up or down... I adore it!

      So there you go, a few of the new pieces I've tested out recently. I'm hoping to make this a fortnightly feature. I'd love to hear your feedback and any requests. I'm also working on a few other projects that could involve YOU so keep an eye out for news on that. Don't forget to email photos in your favourite pair of City Chic jeans to get the chance to win a City Chic Online Voucher!!! I'm loving all the entries so far... have to be win it to in it!

      Thursday, December 16, 2010

      BON JOVI

      On Tuesday night I attended the Bon Jovi concert in Brisbane at the Suncorp Stadium. For months leading up to the concert I endured playful teasing from my friends and family; apparently trashy glam rock isn't 'cool' anymore, no one would believe I was a Bon Jovi fan and that despite the fact he's as old as my dad I still found Jon Bon Jovi incredibly attractive.

      To say I expected great things from this concert is an understatement, perhaps that is why I left the show feeling a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong the band were in great form I just felt like something was missing. They played to a sold out crowd (around 40,000 I believe) and had the crowd eating out of their hand but for some reason I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be. When I was 13 years old in 2002 I saw Bon Jovi perform at a festival called Rumba and I was amazed, not only because my mum was in the mosh pit jumping around like a teenager but more so because the band were on fire! Tuesdays show was good and very professional and polished the hits well they were AMAZING! 'You give love a bad name', 'Bad Medicine', 'It's my life', and 'Living on a Prayer' had me singing at the top of my lungs and feeling on top of the world but it was their newer songs (probably because I hadn't heard them before) that just left me feeling like something was missing.A highlight of the night would have to be a duet between Jon and Richie it was a big surprise and went down extremely well with the crowd.

      All in all I was happy with the show but left wanting a little more. I think that was mainly because I was expecting a more 80's inspired show and was a little disappointed there was no leopard print or double denim in sight. To Bon Jovi's credit they are a band that have influenced and have are loved by fans across many generations - the youngest crowd member I saw would have only been a few months old!

      I am off to Sydney for a holiday tomorrow so I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year! Stay safe and don't forget to head over to City Chic for the boxing day sales. Brisbane girls if you are a Chermside shopper you will probably see me making a beeline for the dresses!

      2011 is bringing many exciting festivals and shows my way and I can't wait to continue my musical journey with you all. I will be back in the new year with more festival & gig outfit ideas and of course stories from my festival and concert adventures.

      Thank You all for reading and please, if you have any music suggestions, requests for reviews, or festival outfits please feel free to send me a comment! Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

      XOX HOPE

      Tuesday, December 14, 2010

      Parramatta Model Search

      Earlier this year City Chic asked their facebook fans to head to their newly revamped Parramatta store, style themselves in their favourite outfit from the current range of clothes and put their best face forward and maybe, just maybe they'd be featured in a fashion shoot for the facebook page. The store was packed and the change rooms were over capacity but everyone seemed to be excited and having a good time.
      I went along too, I couldn't help myself. I met Courtney who is super lovely and instantly wished I had long flowing locks like hers... I've been growing mine ever since! I wore a rockabilly inspired ensemble that got rave reviews. It was fun helping others put together outfits, doing up zippers and putting on heels. There was no cattiness despite the cramped space, just pure girlie excitement.
      Parramatta City Chic was always one of those stores that had lots of stock but the layout was really cramped and if you had a stroller there was no way you could get in there to look at anything. It was also kind of hot in the change rooms but since the revamp it's a completely different experience, so open, clean and just a little bit funky. I love the crisscross concept, so dramatic.
      The two winners from the event were Brook Porter, the utterly gorgeous Blonde and Catherine White, the sensational Brunette. They both rocked the shoot and looked absolutely stunning, congratulations again girls!
      My personal favourite City Chic store is Rouse Hill as the girls are lovely and it's right near my house. Other stores I tend to visit are located at Parramatta, Penrith, Castle Hill and Blacktown. It got me wondering...  

      Which is your favourite City Chic store and why?

      Saturday, December 11, 2010

      Rouse Hill Fashion Show

      Back toward the end of May the ever awesome Rouse Hill City Chic Manager "Elise" and her team organised a rockin fashion parade that blew everyone away. She had a great group of girls who modeled outfits styled by Elise, showcasing some really fantastic items that were currently in stock.
      The most showstopping item would have to have been the Ombre Sunray Pleated Maxi worn by Kylie. When I posted the photos on Facebook fans just went crazy for it and no wonder, it's just so flattering, I think it sold out in a matter of days!
      Alicia rocked it out hard. As soon as she started stomping down the catwalk looking fierce I instantly wanted to rush out and get the exact same hair cut... and the jeans! Of course all these items are old stock so you'd be lucky to find any of it now (Have you checked out the City Chic Clearance Stores?) but I just wanted to show you how proud we all were of the girls strutting their style.
      Pippa's outfit makes me want to go to a concert, loving the ripped jeans and corset but I think you'd have to agree it's that winning smile that makes the outfit a success. Confidence is so attractive!
      Sara's outfit, or should I say the angle of my camera, was a hot topic on Facebook for awhile. She wore the most daring outfit of them all on the catwalk and you should have seen her, she was powerful and alluring. I personally don't believe good fashion is defined purely by an outfit that hides all your conceivable "flaws". I think it's about loving what you're wearing and feeling great when you wear it.
      Sarah was so nervous when she walked up onto the catwalk but by the time she got to the end she was absolutely beaming. She's wearing my all time favourite denim jacket, I honestly live in it. I'm still slightly obsessed with bows and pearls too :)

      I hope you all enjoyed the little fashion flashback. I've been going to the Rouse Hill City Chic store since it opened and it really does feel like you're hanging out with friends when you're there. I frequent it often so you never know, you might run into me in the change rooms when I pop out and ask ... "Does my arse look hot in this?"

      Wednesday, December 8, 2010

      Sydney, the Summer city and how it inspires me

      Hi guys, long time no see. I've been a bit busy with the launch of my new online magazine On The Streets Of which is showcasing the best most creative fashion this city has to offer. Excitingly I'm working on a curvy girl shoot with my fave Aussie plus size model Teer Wayde in the new year for the site using lots of City Chic goodies of course!

      Moving to a new city is exciting, and Sydney is a great city to move to, I mean just take a look at this
      and this
      I mean, does it get much better than this? Who wouldn't get inspired by these views?

      That's why I love the new Miami Heat collection by City Chic, its perfect for sipping cocktails by the pool on a hot Summers day here in Sydney.

      Shop Miami Heat now