Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Short Shorts

There are a lot of inspiring women on the internet, most of which have blogs. My favourite to read are the fashion (or fatshion) blogs, so many creative ladies out there strutting their stuff and posting outfit photos, they really have changed the plus size fashion market.

One of my favourite home grown, plus size models is Teer Wayde, she did an excellent post recently about Short Shorts which I wanted to share with you all as it touched on the insecurities a lot of us have, yet she still got out there in them and looked fierce doing so. Teer also shared these great tips for wearing shorts:
  • Wear them with killer heels - They elongate your legs and shorts need this.
  • Don't wear them with flats if you are not 100% comfortable with your legs.
  • If you feel the need to cover up a little more add Opaque stockings or Fishnets
  • Find a pair that are a comfortable length for you.
If short shorts aren't your thing, City Chic has lots of different styles and lengths to suit every lady looking for a cool new look for summer. If you're keen to beat the heat and brave enough to slip a pair on to show off your lovely legs, here are a few outfit suggestions for you to try out...
 I grew up in the Northern Territory and I'm no stranger to warmer weather. This outfit makes me wish I was back in Darwin wandering around the sunset beach markets or relaxing at a beer garden sipping Mojito's or even just for hanging out at the family BBQ.

Top: Pretty & Sweet Shirt $69.95 - City Chic
Shorts: Short Cargo Short $69.95 - City Chic
Ring: Turq Butterfly Ring $14.95 - City Chic
Shoes: Corelli Circus $69.99 - Williams
Hat: Sarroff Cowboy Fedora $20.00 - Freez
Bangles: Ray of Sunshine Bangle Pack $24.99 - Lovisa

This outfit is bound to cause a stir and will flawlessly show off your best assets. You could wear this on a warm summer night out dancing, whilst strutting your stuff at the shopping center or even to the movies with some friends.

Top: Bouquet Bustier $79.95 - City Chic
Shorts: Short Hi-Waist Denim Indigo Short $69.95 - City Chic
Shoes: Shalyn Wedges $49.95 - Novo Shoes
Bag: Bluebird Studded Shopper $39.99 - Strandbags
Bangles: Bonjour Bangles Set $19.95 - City Chic
Ring: Tribal Band Ring $14.95 - City Chic

After reading Teer's post about the shorts I rushed straight in-store and tried them on. I'm a size 20-22, have lily-white skin and I have cellulite everywhere but I still adored these shorts. My mother can be a harsh critic but even she gave them the seal of approval. Even if you don't step out of the change room in them, at least try them on... you might surprise yourself!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Beth Ditto

(Image Source: Posh24.com)

Beth Ditto is the front woman of indie band The Gossip. The Gossip have recently released the video for their new single 'Men in love.'

I am a big fan and very appreciative of female musicians, I think it is great to see females out and proud in the music industry taking the world by storm. I am a huge fan of The Gossip and Beth. Not only is Beth a female fronting a band in a male dominated industry but she is also a plus sized girl which I find to be very inspiring. I was lucky enough to see The Gossip perform at Good Vibrations Festival at the beginning of the year and I was blown away, the confidence that Beth has onstage and the attention that she demands is something that I have rarely seen from a female musician. She makes no apologies for the woman she is and doesn't hide away just because she is a bigger girl, I found that to be very inspiring.

Beth Ditto has become in many ways a poster girl for plus-sized fashion after releasing her own clothing line in 2009. When describing plus-sized fashion Beth said she hopes you "think outside the box because after all, boxes are square and in more ways than one we are not."

We could all learn a thing or two from Beth, don't be afraid to 'step outside the box' and embrace fashion, try something new, and more importantly LIVE LOUD AND PROUD!

Until next time,


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

London Boulevard!

OMG - As the City Chic girl who lives in London, I had to share this one...

I work behind-the-scenes in the film industry and one of my films is coming out this week in the UK - it hits screens in the USA and Australia soon too!

London Boulevard is the story of Mitch (Colin Farrell) a South London gangster who gets out of jail and feels the pull between staying clean or returning to crime. It also stars Keira Knightley as a reclusive actress and Ray Winstone as a mob boss. I LOVED working on this film and am excited to go to the Cast and Crew screening this weekend... I will have to pick one of my gorgeous City Chic numbers to wear! Woot Woo! xxx.

One Dress: Two Ways

There are a lot of new dresses in stock at the moment to keep all your events covered over the silly season but sometimes so many options can make it hard to choose! One thing I always think of when buying a dress is how many wears I'll get out of it. I like buying items that can be worn in a multitude of ways for different occasions, I see those items as investments. I was in my Rouse Hill City Chic store last week and fell in love with the Strapless Denim Rara Dress. I'm going to use it as an example of how to make your City Chic dollar go even further, I've come up with affordable ensembles with items you can find at your local shopping center and City Chic store. Remember, if you don't have one near you, you can always order online!
As Hayley, our resident stylist and trend watcher has said, soft pastels and femininity is big for Spring, as are wedges. This outfit would be perfect for shopping on Saturday or strolling about markets on Sunday, maybe even a first date!

Dress: Strapless Denim Rara Dress $99.95- City Chic
Shrug: Lace Beaded Shrug $69.95 - City Chic
Necklace: Turquoise Teardrop Necklace $29.95- City Chic
Shoes:  Capri Natural $39.95- Spendless Shoes
Bag: Bluebird Pinstud Flap Blazer $14.00 - Strandbags
I've kept this look dark, feminine and mysterious. Using lace is an excellent way to add texture to an outfit, just remember to keep it simple for fear of looking just a little too much like your grandma. This ensemble would be great for after work drinks, dinner with a special someone or even a night out dancing.

Dress: Strapless Denim Rara Dress $99.95 - City Chic
Shrug: Elbow Sleeve Shrug $59.95- City Chic
Shoes: Bows Lace $49.95 - Spendless Shoes
Belt: Lace Elastic Belt $29.95 - City Chic
Bracelet: Divine Sparkle Bracelet $19.95 - City Chic
Bag: Saskia Palma $69.99 - Strandbags

I hope you were inspired by these sets. If you'd like me to do other examples of how to make your city chic dollar go further feel free to leave a comment below or jot me an email: danimezzablog(at)hotmail(dot)com. Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Party Season

Emma from Sydney wrote in for styling help for a festive outfit for her Work Christmas Party. Emma works in the cut throat world of advertising as a Creative Director where first impressions count, and as some clients will be in attendance she needs to look every bit the creative, sassy and smart Creative Director she is. I have put together some looks that I think will go down a treat at her habourside Christmas shindig.

The first look is very romantic and pretty, with the pastel pink dress from City Chic paired with the fun floral wedges. Pastels are a big trend for summer, you can wear them dressed up or dressed down. For the dressed up look add some contrast, include a metallic belt and match it with a silver studded tote to make it more dressy. Metalics are a perfect way to add that festive cheer to your outfit in party season. To complete your look add a unique piece of jewellery, like the metallic bow necklace by local Sydney designer Gala Curios.
Dress: City Chic Princess Sleeve Tunic $79.95
Necklace: Gala Curios Antiquus Pendant Nickel Silver $285.00
Belt: City Chic Tribal Beat Belt $29.95
Bag: Peep Toe Shoes
Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell floral wedge

Another trend for this party season is the maxi dress. Here we have a graphic purple maxi which ties in another trend which is the digital print. We've added a sparkly clutch to take the look from day to night and added a simple flower ring for that fun creative edge. Wedges are still the shoe of choice this season, and thank god right? They're just so freaking easy to walk in (no carrying your shoes home in shame this year girls).
Dress: City Chic Purple Graphic Maxi $129.95
Clutch: Peep Toe Shoes
Ring: City Chic Blush Rose Ring $14.95
Wedges: Wittner

Remember you can email me with your styling questions any time. I'm happy to help.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

So many celebrities, so little time!

Hasn't the past week been an eventful time in the wonderful world of celebrities & gossip!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 premiered around the world. You may not be a big fan of the series, however it was fashion-forward Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) who really caught my attention!

(Image source: mtv.com)
She got this outfit oh-so-right! From the chic pixie haircut, to the fabulous lace & feather detailing on her gorgeous Rafael Lopez gown.

Shop the Look

I love how on-trend City Chic is! You can get Emma's look with the new Lace Tulle Tiered Suzy Dress for just $129.95.

I must confess to you, I adore this series and have already pre-purchased my Gold Class ticket for Saturday! Ssh! Perhaps I can have my own red carpet moment in this fabulous dress.

More celebrity news

Big congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton who finally announced their engagement! I am eagerly anticipating the fashions at that wedding in 2011.

If you're a reality-TV show fanatic like I am, you'll also be happy to hear that super stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe has (also finally) announced that she is expecting her first child. Best of luck to her and Roger!

To our fabulous Queensland curvy ladies, not only did I spend some time in my local Robina store, I had the chance to check out the NEW City Chic Harbour Town store over the weekend - plenty of bargains to be found and well worth the trip out there!

Until the next red carpet..

Tab xx

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Black Summer Outfit Inspiration

My love of the black neo-goth look will never die, not even moving to Sydney has made me change my moody Melbourne ways. I just can't embrace colour. My current dream outfit consits of black dresses with macrame details and hot sheer leggings, which HELLO City Chic have come up with perfect versions of!
Dress: City Chic Zulu Fringe Top $69.95
Leggings: Mesh Racer $39.95
The other items are all things I already own, a black floppy felt hat (a must for this Summer!), Chanel black nail polish, Mac lipstick in Cyber, black with silver zips bag and my fave new black wedges from Nu + Nan here in Sydney.

I'm going to have to head to my local City Chic store ASAP to pick up these pieces, full outfit post to come later this week.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Days into Night...

City Chic,Rhinestone,LBD,plus-size,dress,black,gorgeous
Turning London days into night with the Rhinestone Dress by City Chic

Daytime fashion in London is a funny thing. Especially when you are a woman, at work, who likes to head out for an evening drink. The things is, things are SO FAR apart in London. Seriously. The average daily commute of a Londoner is an hour. In fact, if you are able to get to work in under an hour you're a bit of a lucky duck.

My boyfriend, aptly nicknamed, Mr. Darcy (because he's an English) works in Central London. I work long contracts... so in my downtime between those contracts, I'll go into Central London to see him for lunch. I remember doing this at the start of the year and being struck by how lovely so many of the women in London look. These women weren't just wearing suits, but fashion-suits. So many of them looked immaculate and really put together. Then I started thinking about my closest friend, Bex. Bex is a kiwi and she works in London as a VFX Producer, she also ALWAYS looks immaculate for work.

The thing is, here in London, there is no time. Living in Sydney and Adelaide, after work or university, I always had time to head home, get dressed and head out. You just can't do that here. My fashion has actually changed a lot since coming to the UK as I have really meshed together my work and social wear, in fact, with the exception of a couple of formal dresses, anything I wear to work will always look great out to dinner too...

My pick for the moment for turning Days into Night at City Chic is the amazing Splice Super Sexy Dress and the matching Splice Super Sexy Jacket. These items will transition fabulously from Day to Night... and with plenty of Christmas Drinks coming up in the next six weeks - this will be a great outfit to have in your wardrobe.

Oh yes, it looks totally hot too!

City Chic,Sexy Splice Dress,Sexy Splice Jacket,plussize,gorgeous

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Farewell Powderfinger

On Friday night I was lucky enough to be able to attend Powderfinger's second last show at the Riverstage in Brisbane. My parents and I were invited as guests of one of the band members, we received the royal treatment; a special viewing 'stage' in the middle of the arena which allowed us to see almost everything and also an invitation to go backstage after the performance and mingle with the band and crew.

I had been looking forward to this night for months and months, Powderfinger are one of my favourite bands and many of their songs are part of the soundtrack to my life.

We arrived just as Jet were finishing up their set. I have always been a fan of Jet, I'm a big Rock n Roll girl and appreciate and love Australian music. Jet remind me of my school days and listening to their last few songs definitely brought back memories. They have come a long way since releasing their first album and still manage to captivate the audience, they were a great warm up.

Powderfingers set, where do I start? It was everything I had hoped for! They played all their hits from the last twenty or so years and had the audience's full attention from the first chord of their first song. I have seen the band play a few times before Friday nights show and I can safely say that Fridays show was the best I have seen. My highlights were; 'Like a dog' which saw the band walk out into the crowd and play on top of a 2ND stage which was situated in the middle of the arena amongst the crowd (and lucky for me right behind the area I was standing in), 'Baby I've got you on my mind' Bernard dedicated this song to the bands children or as he called them the 'Mini Fingers' this song definitely brought the crowd together, 'My Happiness' imagine a sold out audience of approximately 10,000 people united as one singing the lyrics of a song, words can't describe how fantastic that moment was I had goosebumps and may have shed a few tears of happiness. It's moments like those where you realise how important music is in peoples lives. 'These Days' was another highlight, their last song of the night and the last Powderfinger song I will ever see live. The full set list from the night can be found here.

I'm sure there are a lot of Powderfinger fans hoping that the band will do a 'John Farnham' and reunite again and tour in the future. As much as I love the band and their music I really hope this doesn't happen, I hope to see them stick to their word and work on the new chapter of their lives. The second last Powderfinger show is a show that I will never forget and Powderfinger are a band that I will always love and respect. It was a fantastic way to farewell a band that have played a big part of my life.

Inside Chic is mainly a Fashion blog and my posts so far have only been focused on music and the concerts and festivals I'm attending so I have decided that I will give you ladies some tips on some great festival and concert wear! Choosing the perfect outfit for a concert can be quite hard especially for those in the warmer months, you want to wear something that makes you feel great but also comfortable and something that's practical for lots of dancing and walking around. I personally am a major fan of dresses over leggings. It's practical, comfortable, and I still feel girly. I am currently in love with City Chic's Lilac Animal Top and I'm planning to wear it with the Lace Hem Legging to Stereosonic Festival in December.

I am having a great time listening to the bands that some of you have told me about, please keep them coming!

xox Hope

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I woke up to a lovely surprise on my facebook wall this morning from City Chic informing me that from today until the 21st of November 2010, all City Chic Members will receive a $30 discount when they purchase a pair of shoes in store or online... how awesome is that!

City Chic shoes cater for those like me who are more comfortable in a wider fitting shoe. Usually I have to import my shoes from the US but thanks to City Chic I have two great pairs of shoes that will be staples in my wardrobe for many years to come because they're just so damn comfortable and stylish!
1. Patent Platform Pump usually $99.95 now only $69.95
2. Ballet w/ Bow usually $69.95 now only $39.95
3. Peep Toe X Over Heel usually $99.95 now only $69.95

So far I have the Patent Pumps which I wear out to dinner or for special occasions. I'm not very good in heels so I don't wear them often but when I do I feel so sexy. I also recently bought the Ballet Flats and I can tell you now, they are so comfy. I've worn them all day and haven't even got a blister. I think they'd be a great pair of shoes if you work in retail, just add a little gel insert for extra cushioning if you stand for long periods. If you're ordering online I can tell you with confidence that the sizes are true, sizing is always something that stresses me out when placing orders online.

I hope your bank account allows you to invest in a new pair of awesome shoes for your tootsies. Not every City Chic store carries the shoes but there are still a few pairs left online... all you have to do to take advantage of the offer is become a member... how simple is that!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A small introduction.

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to write a small post to introduce myself and tell you all about some of my future musical adventures that I will be sharing with you all.

My name is Hope and I am a music nut! I definitely live and breathe music and the industry. What is in store you ask? Well this Friday coming I will be going to the second last Powderfinger show ever! I have mixed emotions about this show, I am so excited to see them play again but also dreading the show at the same time; the closer it comes the closer it will be the end for one of my favourite Australian bands.

December is going to be a month full of music madness! I will be telling you all about my adventures at; Stereosonic festival, Muse, and Bon Jovi!

I am looking forward to taking you all on my music journey and I hope I can inspire some of you to get out there and go to as many shows and festivals as you can.

I am always on the look out for new bands to listen to so I'd like to ask all of you who you are loving right now? For me I am a huge fan of Lily Allen! I'm always listening to her, I'm also really loving Washington at the moment and The Wombats. Please send me a comment with your suggestions!

Until next time.

xox Hope

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pretty Wild

On Thursday City Chic launched a brand new campaign called "Pretty Wild" and I have to agree with the choice of title. There are lots of pieces perfect for club and evening wear and seems to be the polar opposite of the last campaign which Hayley featured recently although there is a sprinkling of flirty pink and lace pieces. The "Pretty Wild" palette is a mix of black, purple, pink, ivory and metallic features and accessories. Safari Styles and kaleidoscopic prints make up a pretty awesome collection and Courtney looks simply fierce!

New pieces will be heading to the stores over the next couple of weeks. Perfect timing for all those Christmas functions and warm nights out on the town. I thought I'd throw together an outfit using pieces from the collection and affordable accessories that you can find at your local shopping center...
Dress: City Chic - Kaleidoscope Fifi Maxi $179.95
Shoes: Spendless Shoes - Stratton Black $39.95
Bag: Strandbags - Lustre Croc Flapover Clutch $29.99
Bangles: City Chic - Tribal Babe Bangle Set $19.95
Eyeliner: BYS - Eyeliner Liquid Black
Eyeshadow: BYS - Animal Instincts Dark
Lip Gloss: BYS - Lipgloss Wet Look Clear

 What piece from the new collection are you going wild for?

Keep an eye out for new items at www.citychic.com.au or via the City Chic Facebook Page which is updated weekly with new styles and accessories.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pretty in Pink!

City Chic,Dress,Pink,Fatshion,Fashion,Curves,Gorgeous,Plus-Size,plussize,review

Someone asked me recently via email, how often I dress up... the answer is, almost never (unless I am off to a wedding...) Put simply and honestly, I just dress, and what you see here in this blog - is literally just a capturing of my style. I always like to look a little edgy and feminine... I love my soft, natural makeup and the pretty touches my jewelry adds. I also LOVE sharing my looks and thoughts on fashion with you... so THANK YOU for reading! xxx.

City Chic,Dress,Pink,Fatshion,Fashion,Curves,Gorgeous,Plus-Size,plussize,review

Recently, on my one day off a week, I went into London with my boyfriend to do a spot of retail therapy... makeup and shoes were on the cards and I wanted to head into town feeling fine. It is such a strange thing; my one day off is so important to me... I like to spend the morning loafing about in pjs or a nightie, eat a lazy breakfast and catch up with the papers - but when I go out, on this one day a week - I want to feel fantastic. And for me, that starts with a good sleep but also covers great company (hello, Mr. Darcy!) and a general feeling of feminine awesomeness.

City Chic,Dress,Pink,Fatshion,Fashion,Curves,Gorgeous,Plus-Size,plussize,review

I really adore this City Chic dress. Many of you who read my personal blog will know that I always defer to a high empire line. I like things to cut from under my bust and if a piece of clothing has back-ties - even better. Well... this dress has neither of these things, instead, the material has a gorgeous feminine cut and feels soft with a slight rigidity - meaning it holds shape well. LOVE.

Now, I wore this dress with tights (a current "Here comes Winter!" MUST in London)... and a pair of boots. These boots (which I've owned for over two years) are one of the reasons I went shopping... they need replacing.

As you can see from my photos, the slouch nature of the boot is now pretty much SLOPPY as opposed to slouchy - so a new pair is on the cards... I didn't find any suitable ones though - so UK babes - any suggestions would be great, and international curvettes - if you can suggest online store love - that would be perfect too. I want them to be black, calf boots with a baby heel...


(These are Australian Wittner "Sin City" boots - but Wittner's international shipping rates are a little crazy for my liking).

In any case - shoe slouchiness aside, I DO feel very Pretty in this tiered Pink dress and that is cool for two reasons...

Firstly - I feel great - which is most important... and secondly, my blog post just referenced a fantastic film from the 80s.

I am SO Molly Ringwald, right now!


This dress was released by City Chic and while mostly sold out - you can find the top that matches the gorgeous pink pixel pattern - HERE!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Chanel inspired farm girl look

Chanel's Spring Summer collection was inspired by Karl Lagerfields childhood growing up on a farm in the 1930's in Germany. Think soft muted tones, lace, head scarves and clogs, all of which are going to be huge this Summer in Australia. Below is a Chanel inspired farm girl look, which I think is perfect for a Summer bike ride and picnic, one of my faveourite things to do this time of year!
Dress: City Chic Daisy Chain dress $89.95 The cute floral print, ra-ra skirt bottom and the exposed zipper = must have this Summer!
Floppy hat: Last year it was all about the Boater hat, but this year is all about the floppy felt hat.
Vintage basket bag: Pick up a vintage basket bag at your local market, these bags are perfect for picnics and the beach.
Flower head band: City Chic Diamonte flower headband $14.95 So Chanel!
Lace ankle socks: Huge trend this year is the socks and sandals look, oh so cute with clogs.
Clogs: The must have shoe right now, I own 3 pairs already!
Bicycle: Vintage bikes are so chic, Chanel even sell a monogrammed bicycle for their most dedicated clientele.


I just LOVE living in the UK.

Paris,Australia,City Chic,Fashion,Plus-size,Curves,Dresses

Recently, on a rare weekend off from work, I headed to Paris with my Mr. Darcy. I have to say that one of the best things about living in London is the absolute EASE at which you can jump on a plane or indeed, the Eurostar and head somewhere. It is so different to Australia... two hours on a plane used to get me from Sydney to Adelaide, now - two hours on a TRAIN gets me from London to Paris.

Paris,Australia,City Chic,Fashion,Plus-size,Curves,Dresses

We were only in Paris for a couple of days and I always find it a bit hard to select those special outfits and accessories that get to make my little trips with me. I recently received a couple of dresses from City Chic though and wanted to wear them for my romantic getaway. One was bright yellow. Being honest, when I received this tiered yellow dress from the Ms Bouquet range by CityChic, I was unsure how the colour would go on my skin... well - it looked beautiful. My boyfriend and I decided to emphasise how lovely the colour is by using accent in our photos. When I was walking about, I heard a french lady tell her husband I looked "trés jolie". I LOVED that moment! (Trés jolie means "very pretty"). Now, I didn't realise until after we got home how well the wind was playing with some of the ruffles in the dress - but as you can see, windy or no - the dress is really gorgeous...


Frankly, I had a gorgeous time in Paris and I felt gorgeous too.

Blogging has helped me explore a lot more colour and vivacious energy in my clothing choices and the weekend away was no exception. I have worn colour and dresses for a long while, but sharing outfits and moments has helped me feel extra confident and be a little more daring. Bright yellow is daring, for me! You may recall I showed you an outfit all in blue a couple of weeks ago... well, that was daring for me too! Such bold block colours!

In any case - my other outfit choice, again from the Ms Bouquet range by City Chic was this pretty red and black floral Sun Dress. This is actually one of my favourite dresses and it always makes me feel feminine and cute. As it stands, I felt quite feminine the whole weekend!

I love being in Paris and I love the feel of the city. If you are ever thinking of holidaying in the UK - jump on the Eurostar... even for just a couple of days - Paris is wonderful (oh, and fashionable too!)

Outside the Louvre wearing the City Chic French Garden Party dress. The skirt is still available here!