Friday, October 29, 2010

Wedding Day Blues!

Not the sad kind of BLUES... the STUNNING kind.

As part of my blogging with City Chic , I was sent this gorgeous Ruffle Tiered Beaded Eva Dress...

When this dress came through I was immediately enamored with it's detail. The chiffon layers are light and dreamy, while the beading is elegant but also kind of edgy. Knowing I had a wedding to go to in Liverpool (home of the Beatles, baby!) I knew THIS was the one. My boyfriend was planning to wear a deep blue suit and lighter blue shirt... I kind of felt whimsical and lovely about the fact we could match a little!

The wedding in Liverpool was spectacular. The couple were good friends of my man and had their special day at the gorgeous Palm House in Sefton Park. What an amazing venue! It was a pretty day and inside the conservatory it was warm and beautiful. The palms and flowers were blooming and fragrant and the wedding itself was very English - straight out of Four Weddings... but with a twist. The couple had incorporated tradition with elements of hilarity - which made for a gorgeous and relaxed wedding - there was a lot of laughter and I REALLY enjoyed myself.

My outfit details:
Dress - Courtesy of City Chic
Shawl - AdditionElle Canada (but given to me as a gift).
(Incidentally - I always find shawls a little tricky, so, to ensure mine didn't irritate me or move about too much in the day - I strategically pinned it to my bra. Seriously. I am a BIG believer in the power of the SAFETY PIN. NO adjustments necessary - just pin it where you want it. DO IT!!)
Cardigan - Courtesy of City Chic.
Handbag - Gift.
Stockings - Marks and Spencer.
Shoes - Wittner Australia.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am LOVING Nautical!

This summer in London, Nautical has been a BIG-Time trend. Stripes, blues, reds and sailor themes have littered the stores... BUT I have not bought any. The nautical clothes aimed at the curvier market, just haven't been beautiful enough. I am serious. There has been a mixture of stuff available in London, but I think some stores shied away from the idea of stripes and whites on a curvier figure.

I LOVE what City Chic has done with the theme this year - and the Marine Girl dress, as part of the Nautigal Collection is just adorable. I love the Empire line and back-ties - as well as the pleated skirt and frill in the centre of the breast. This dress sits amazingly, and I have to say - kicks BUTT over anything I saw in London!

Are you LOVING the nautical look? What is your favourite trend right now? I would love to know what any of you girls are wearing, so we can look at how those trends are being rocked in London!


Em. x.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Workin Hard for a Livin'!

Hello lovelies! I have had a killer work week - the kind where you look around and wonder where the time went and how you managed to get through everything! Each day I get up at about 5:40am and by 6:30am I am driving to Shepperton Studios with the expectation of a 15 hour work day! I do this... SIX times a week! Oh, the glamour!

I always like to wake up though and feel pretty. I LIKE dressing nicely for work - for me really, more than anyone else - so even when I feel exhausted I can feel like I have done something for myself that keeps me feeling fresh and pretty (I like feeling pretty!). I have been enamored this last week with the French Garden Dress that City Chic released (even though the dress is sold out online - the skirt is still available HERE!). I like that it is such a feminine design and that I can wear it with or without a belt. Currently, this dress is my "Go-To" item and I have managed to make it work on both sunshiney days, but also on miserable, gloomy ones. I like the colour and I LOVE the energy of the pattern.

What is your current "Go-To" item? Do you usually reach for a dress or your denim? I LOVE knowing what people are wearing and REALLY enjoy learning about other's personal style... Maybe, if we have really different styles, I could try something new after being inspired by one of you? I would LOVE that!


Em. x.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Getting your retro on

City Chic's new campaign is a fabulous mix of Mad Men and Betty Paige pin up girl styling. Spring is the time for fun flirty dresses, and the cute pieces in City Chic's new Prairie collection are perfect for flirting! Shop the collection now.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Black and White

My hair is getting longer! I usually get the back cut very short with longer bob styling at the front. A-Symmetrical and Graded cuts are very big here in London, and this fashionista likes to keep up! In fact, my hair salon - The Painted Lady is run by a gorgeous Kiwi called Belinda - I think I will do a post on her in the next month or so!

My pics today are in Black and White. I was playing about with camera settings and set it this way, taking shots before a party this weekend. I looked SMASHING (even if I do say so myself!). I LOVE how much this dress hugs my curves, accentuates them and shows off how great the curvy shape is. This dress is a black number (I am obsessed with all the City Chic LBDs at the moment!) and as you can see - fits me well - I wore sheer stockings (my first pair, having worn thick tights most of the last year!) and kitten heels.

Also, I felt like a million bucks! I LOVE how City Chic dresses can make me feel SO sexy and wonderful and feminine all at the same... x.

I am wearing the
Wittner Shoes and Sheer Stockings...

PS - The belt came WITH the dress!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birthday Cakes!

Although I wore City Chic all day - I didn't get any full length outfit shots (oopsy!), but it was my birthday yesterday and I DID get cupcake shots. I had to share them, because they are just too cute. I work in the film industry, so my work mates decided to get me themed cupcakes to go with the day. Seriously CUTE and delicious.

I always love little touches like this. Someone I WORK with went to this effort. It always amazes me just how lovely people can be. Film hours can be long hours (very often, I do 15 hour days, six days a week!!) - so it always so nice when someone stops and makes you feel special. We are filming out at Shepperton Studios, which is not too close to anything - so it feels like an especially nice gesture when you're in the middle of nowhere!

These are my favourites - a clapper board, film real and star badge, right by my Sound Mixer. Proper outfit post - next week ladies! xxx.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Date Night!

I LOVE dates. More specifically - I love dates with my very own English boyfriend, who - for all said purposes, is my Mr. Darcy. In London at the moment, it seems to stay light for all hours - so our date night started at 6pm - and while this was recorded in London for you at 7:30pm - it was still pretty bright... Hence, the shades!!

I teamed the Strappy City Chic Lace Frill LBD with one of my most favourite purchase from City Chic from several years ago. It is a soft lace bolero, that I LOVE. Tiered frills, layers and lace are very in-style in London right now, so this dress was a perfect choice - not just for a date night, but to stay in tune with London trends. I was a city style hit - even Brit Punks LOVED it:

My Mr. Darcy and I ended up out around Mayfair. While VERY posh, it has some lovely Olde Worlde pubs and after a little drink - we headed to Carnaby Street for a bit to eat. Then - well, I fancied a Guinness - and it's true what they say, it DOES taste different over here, LOTS of yummy caramel overtones!

Don't forget - if you have a London or UK based question, or you want to know more about the latest trends here - feel free to be in touch!


Em. x.

(PS - I hope my punks didn't offend anyone! xxx.)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Help, what do I wear to my formal?

Lovely reader Emily wrote in to ask for help in deciding what to wear to her year 12 formal. I decided to tackle the question head on and give some tips on what to wear to both a year 10 and year 12 formal. By the way, for those American readers joining us, a formal is what we call a prom over here in Australia.

Pretty in Pink: A year 10 Formal

The year 10 formal is all about fun and letting your hair down before the final and most important two years of schooling which lie ahead. For this reason you should have some fun with your outfit and make the dress something you would wear again, a real party dress that looks great on the dance floor! To make the day more special book in for a french mani, a sure way to make you feel more grown up.

Dress: City Chic Camille dress $149.95 The shimmy factor is high with the floaty rara style skirt, and it totally brings the fash factor with its on trend visible front zip!
Bag: A classic vintage piece will impress your peers.
Necklace: Buy something unique from a local artist market so that no one else has the same piece as you!
Heels: City Chic Patent Platform Pumps $99.95 Classic pumps in shiny patent will always be a classic look.

Sophisticated Black: A year 12 Formal

The year 12 formal signifies an end of an era, the end of your high school life and the beginning of adulthood. As it is such an important momentous occasion you should do it in a glamorous and sophisticated way so that when you look back at your photos you don't cringe. An all black outfit teamed with silver accessories is a timeless look that won't age with time, it will always be in style.

Dress: City Chic Pleat Helena Maxi $149.95 A modern maxi dress with some glam beaded detailing will help keep the look young and fresh while still timeless and classic.
Bag: A heirloom piece, everyone's grandma has a beautiful timeless clutch in their wardrobe, just remember to ask nicely before you borrow it (they always say yes!).
Necklace: City Chic Crystal Heart Necklace $19.95 A small sparkly charm is better than too much bling if your going for subtle and sophisticated.
Bangles: City Chic Wild Side Bangle Set $19.95 A fun set of bangles to highlight your well manicured hands.
Heels: City Chic Peep Toe Xover Heels $99.95 Peep toe shoes under a maxi show just the right amount of skin.

I hope that gave you some inspiration Emily. Good luck with your exams and I hope your formal is everything you dream it will be.

Summer and Spitalfields

I LOVE London in Sunshine. In fact, my personal blog, Oh The Places You'll Go! has a whole heap of posts devoted to London and heat. The thing is, I've only been here for 20 months, and I already relish sunshiney days... mind you - it was only 27C today (VERY HOT for the UK) which is nothing on Australia! LOL!

I wore my City Chic Spotty Dotty dress out today with Gladiator Sandals. The Spotty Dotty dress is part of the GORGEOUS Parisian Chic Collection. Ladies, this collection is SPOT on... dotted dresses have been part of MANY UK collections as we have endured Winter and come into Summer - and as for the frills - well, let me tell you - there isn't a chic woman's clothing store in London without frills. They are everywhere and they are gorgeous. I love the frilled hem on my dress. On colder days, I could easily slip on a pair of leggings and a jacket and this would AGAIN work has a perfect London look.

I spent my day in Spitalfield's Market near Liverpool Street Station and the famous Brick Lane. I might head down to Brick Lane in a couple of weeks and take some snaps for you. I think you will LOVE it. Retro, funky, chic meets grunge and everything else besides!

Let me know if there is anything in London you want to see, and I will make sure I take some snaps for you soon! xxx.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Spotty Dotty Dress (sold out online), part of the Parisian Chic Collection
Shoes: Gladiator Sandals bought in UK
Bag: Tourist Shopper from Berlin

Smooch - Em. x.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Vintage Styled Chic!

My BFF and I out in London

I am lucky. One of my best friends lives right here in London with me. Bex and I have known each other since we worked together in Sydney, back in 2005... we also happened to live across the road from each other in Surry Hills- how crazy is that?! We bonded over a love of Elton John and a friendly Rugby Union rivalry (Bex happens to be a Kiwi).

You know how I love the Elephants!

The other night, Bex came with me to a networking event at the beautiful new JuJu bar in Chelsea. Bex and I were representing the awesomeness from downunder, and spotted people from Girls Aloud - as well as actors from The Bill. Crazy.

Inside the fashionable JuJu Bar

While we didn't co-ordinate, Bexy and I BOTH ended up wearing vintage styled looks, I chose the Lace Corsage Emma dress and paired it with the Ruffle Shoulder Shurg. I used the corsage broaches from the dress as hair pieces (I attached them to bobby pins which were strategically hidden UNDER the broaches in my hair).

It was a lot of fun... and I don't usually drink - so the delicious bellinis went straight to my head! Not great with an hour long tube ride home, but still - just so much fun!

Heading home. x.

What do you wear to get the vintage look? I love this dress AND - flapper style headbands are totally the rage here in London at the moment... What vintage styles do you like?

Em. x.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baby Elephant Walk

This weekend had a public holiday attached and it was awesome. My mum is here from Adelaide right now, so I got to hang out with her - and then I also went for a walk down in a park by Embankment and found more Elephants! Yeah!

Seriously, because these guys are all over London as part of The London Elephant Parade, I see them everywhere... I literally can't help humming the tune to Baby Elephant Walk every time I come across one. They are adorable.

There are so many parks in London, I know that many of my future posts (well, the ones during the UK Summer) will feature outdoors and greenery. I LOVE it. For my walk over the Bank Holiday I picked the gorgeous City Chic Longline Electric Tunic. Tunics are "IN" right now in London, and it is extremely common to see girls wearing them over tights. I love how this one has an edgy pattern juxtaposed by the frill and layered hemline - it is very much my style!

Outfit details:
Top: Longline Electric Tunic $69.95 (Sold Out online)
Belt: Vintage City Chic
Boots: Wittner "Sin City"
Leggings: UK brand!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Introducing Christal, City Chic's new Travel Blogger

Hi, Travel bug here…When City Chic asked for Bloggers, I thought of areas at which I could give as much advice as possible. And it came to me almost immediately, Travel! After travelling overseas for a year, working, meeting new people and of course seeing new things and experiencing different cultures, I knew that I had enough knowledge to provide excellent guidance to both the first time and experienced travel bugs out there!

So here comes a little bit more about me; I’m a Sydneysider, I’ve got a degree in Television production and work for a Network. I’ve been a member of the Scouting Movement for 15 years, both as a Youth member and Leader. That of course gives me ample skills to give advice on travelling/holidaying from anything from basic and 5 star.

Because this is a fashion blog, I would also be giving advice of seasonal wardrobe choices and tips of how to pack those bags, to give you as much room advantage as possible!

I’d love you to email me: and ask me anything :)

Introducing Tabitha, City Chic's new Celebrity & Gossip Blogger

Hello to all the fabulous, curvy ladies out there! My name is Tabitha and I am a fashion addict! I gained my Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations) in 2008 and have been working in Marketing and Events post-graduation. I was ecstatic when asked by City Chic to become their Celebrity & Gossip Blogger - a culmination of my two favourite things! I love to stay on-the-pulse when it comes to all things celebrity, especially when fashion is involved! From awards shows and movie premiers to your favourite reality TV shows, I will cover the latest and greatest fashion trends, from what's hot to what's so NOT!

As a long-standing curvy girl, my fashion philosophy is simple - know your body shape! I can look at a piece of clothing and know instantly whether it will work on me. Yes, there have been many trends come and go, and painfully I have had to say no - because deep down, I knew it just wasn't for me. So I leave you with these parting words, don't be afraid of fashion, don't be afraid of what others may think (I wear fascinators to the office. Why? Because I love a good hat!) and embrace your curves!

Tab xx

Introducing Hope, City Chic's new Music Blogger

I'm 21 and have lived in Brisbane my whole life. Coming from a musical family (My parents are old rockers from back in the 80's and my dad owns a business in the music industry) I always felt like Music was in my blood. Since graduating school in '06 I have worked a number of jobs within the music industry; I've had experience for event organizers, worked for a group of Brisbane's leading nightclubs, worked for a concert production company and have even worked at some of Australia's biggest festivals.

Music is my passion, I have been attending concerts and festivals my whole life, my earliest memory being a Eurythmics concert at the age of 9, (I was so used to loud music that I fell asleep during the concert). Since then I have attended a massive number of concerts and festivals: Big Day Out ( I have attended the past 8 Festivals), V Festival, Parklife, Good Vibrations, Livid, and Sunset Sounds to name a few. I have also had the privelage of seeing a number of amazing artists perform some of which include; Kiss, Bon Jovi, Pink, Lady GaGa, Lily Allen, MGMT, Dizzee Rascal, Muse, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Britney Spears, Basement Jaxx, Alice Cooper, Queens of The Stoneage, Rage against the machine, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Powderfinger and Bjork.

Introducing Danielle our new Inside City Chic Blogger

I'm a foxy 25 y/o professional blogger, freelance photographer and magazine junkie. I'm also married and a mother to a cheeky toddler but that doesn't stop me from strutting the latest fashion trends, even with my size 22 hourglass frame. Need City Chic inside goss, fashion and relationship advice, then this is your destination!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Elephant Parade... London 2010

If you're in London between May and July this year, be sure to have your camera handy - WHEREVER you go... the city has come alive with Elephants! London is currently participating in "The Elephant Parade" which is a global initiative to help save the Asian Elephant and there are 250 beautiful elephants scattered all over the city. I am a little obsessed by them - so have no doubt they will feature in future posts. They are just delightful to look at, and I especially love that they can compliment my City Chic clothes!

Em. x.

Friday, October 8, 2010

London and Sunshine.

Look! No leggings!

There is something frenetic about London when the sun appears... so too do legs, arms and chests. Clothes change dramatically: leggings disappear, sandals are worn and people dare to hope that it will be a long summer. The mood in the city changes and while I don't mind London's grey skies, blue ones DO feel rare and need to be enjoyed. This last weekend, with the sun high in the sky (and SPF applied) - I went for a walk along The Thames down by The Tower Bridge.

Pretty blue skies - REALLY a rare treat!

If you ever come across to London, the best place to see a traditional Beefeater is down in The Tower area. Basically, The bridge is right by The Tower of London and the Beefeaters are the official guards there - these are the bodyguards of the British Monarch and protect The Crown Jewels. Back in the day, they used to guard prisoners too (including Anne Boleyn). When I saw a Beefeater this weekend, I could not resist a photo - what an AMAZING uniform and up close - the detail is pretty beautiful.

Traditional State Dress Uniforms of the Beefeater date back to 1552!

All in all - it was an awesome weekend. I wore this City Chic Lace Panel Dress with the Shrug as I wanted to look pretty and enjoy the sun, but also feel warm enough in shade and as night fell. I am so excited to share the UK and how Londoners wear clothes especially through the coming Summer months.

Outfit Details:
Shrug: Shrug Elbow Sleeve $59.95

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Introducing Em, our new London based style blogger

I am very excited to introduce you to Em, our new London based style blogger, who is going to share with us some of her impressive travel snaps as well as photos of her awesome style. So without further adieu here she is.

Hello everyone!

My name is Em and I'm a fashion blogger from Australia currently living in the UK. I'm so excited to join City Chic as its London Style blogger. As a plus-size girl, I'm keen to ensure that women feel comfortable taking their time, exploring their style and EMBRACING their curves... wherever they happen to be!

I grew up in Adelaide and then lived in Sydney for a while before coming across to the UK. I have travelled a lot in the last ten years - through Asia, America, Canada and Europe, and I love looking at and embracing style from all over the world. In fact, I started my personal fashion blog Oh, The Places You'll Go because I wanted to showcase international plus-size style from an Australian perspective.

Like many of you, I have a keen eye for detail and love my clothes to be high quality and on trend. My personal style is a combination of feminine prints teamed with edgy details like shoes, jackets and accessories. I always like to accentuate my curves too!

In writing for City Chic I'm planning to show you how London and Europe wear their style, introduce you to some Aussie and Kiwi ex-pats, and most importantly, discuss international plus-size fashion and trends with you.

I have an email address set up through the blog - so feel free to send me your questions or input. It would be lovely to hear from you! Also, if you go through the archives you will see some of my older posts start to show up in the next few weeks too.

I have great curves and I know how to wear them... and I can't wait to talk fashion with YOU.

Em. x.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

City Chic in Plus Model Magazine

I am in LOVE with this editorial in Plus Model Magazine, shot by Lucas Pictures who shot me for the magazine when I was in New York (have I shown you that photo???). The super hot model is Fluvia Lacerda who I had the pleasure of meeting while in NYC too. The stylist who made this all look so HOT is OhMySpry. Want to know the best thing about the shoot? All the clothing is by City Chic!!! They have made me want to rush out and get the Rhinestone Roxanne dress (top photo) because it just looks so sexy and chic on Fluvia (who could wear a garbage bag and make that work too). You can check out the full Love your body editorial here, please let me know what you think of it in comments.

City Chic is launching in the USA in late October which is a very exciting development indeed. The fab bloggers I met at the Young Fat and Fabulous conference in NYC were all so enthusiastic about the label and the clothes and now it is going to be even more accessible to them. Its exciting too, to see an Aussie label succeeding in such a way. It makes me proud.