Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You Style'd it well #2

I haven't done this in a while, but here is a new installment of You Style'd it well. The idea is every month I'm going to choose my favourite looks that you have style'd wearing City Chic clothing and then uploaded to our facebook fan page. That's right you can be one of our blog's fashion stars. How cool is that? So add us as a friend and start uploading your looks today

Lucy looks beautiful in this City Chic dress and bolero jacket combo. Matching the outfit with that cute pearl with attached flower necklace and the glamorous clutch she takes the look that bit further, making it perfect for a formal affair. The cut of the dress is perfect for her figure, with the horizontal stripes at the hem directing the eye to her hot shapely legs. Lucy, you certainly style'd it well.

Cheyenne looks amazing in her City Chic skinny jeans and corset. The super high platform heels add that touch of sass, perfect for a night on the town. I love that her lipstick matches the colours in her corset, all she needs is a great bag in the same colour and she is ready to paint the town red.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Glam Bourke Street Store Opening

Last Thursday night City Chic on Bourke Street opened its doors to its top customers for a glamorous night of champagne and nibbles to celebrate its re-vamp.

Not to mention time to shop, till you drop, which many of the girls did!

My sister, Ebony, enjoyed the champers.

Our amazingly gorgeous model Coco and Carley our marketing manager flew down from Sydney for the event.

The Bourke Street shop staff looked fabulous as always.

Customers tried on rings

And bought heaps of things (hey it rhymed).

All in all it was a fantastic night, I can't wait for more events like these.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shop Girl - A chat with Nicole

Our first installment of Shop Girl, where I chat to some of our lovely staff who work at our stores, because it is they who make City Chic so fabulous.

Today let me introduce you to Nicole who works at the newly revamped Bourke Street store in Melbourne. Nicole hails from upstate New York and has worked for us at the Bourke Street store for a little over 9 months. She is recently engaged to a very handsome Aussie boy (congratulations!) and she always makes my shopping experience a wonderful one with her lovely attentive service always with a smile.

Nicole's cute as pie outfit details:
Dress: City Chic spot frill dress $129.95
Cardigan: City Chic puff sleeve cardigan $69.95
Leggings: City Chic full length leggings $19.95
Necklace: Diva
Ballet Flats: Rubi shoes

So Nicole what do you love about City Chic?
I love that City Chic caters to a variety of styles and tastes, but still follows the current fashion trends. For example, you can find something flashy to wear out to the club, a new biker jacket and studded boots for a concert, or something cute and girly for a dinner date with friends. We have something for everyone!

Is there anything like it back home?
There wasn't anything near where I used to live, so finding trendy clothes was pretty difficult. I was so excited to stumble upon City Chic on my first trip to Melbourne back in 2006, and have been addicted ever since!

What is your current fave item?
I'm currently loving EVERYTHING from the "Rosey Posey" range. I'm a big fan of soft pinks, cream, grey and black for this Winter!

Is it fun working at the Bourke Street store for City Chic?
Of course! Being located so centrally in the city, we meet so many different people everyday from all over the world. It's always a fun challenge to help them find the best possible outfit that suits their body shape and personality, and it's so rewarding when they walk out the shop feeling confident and sexy with their new wardrobe.

What do you think of the new fit out?
It's absolutely amazing! You can't help but notice it, it just draws your attention so perfectly. We now have enough room to properly display our stock, and we can dance around the shop too! The hot pink fitting rooms are also pretty awesome.

What is your fave food, colour and tv show?
My favourite food would have to be pierogies, which are a polish dumpling. So good! Fave colour is blue, and my favourite TV show is a British comedy from the 90's called Spaced. Oh, and Masterchef, that's my guilty pleasure haha.

Thanks so much Nicole, it was a pleasure chatting to you.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What I Wore - Good girl gone BAD!

Click on images to make them larger. From left to right: set of 4 silver bangles $19.95, black spider ring $19.95, black bling ring $19.95, black silver lace ring $19.95, black silver ring $19.95, black cocktail ring $19.95 and gunmetal black nail polish $7.95.
When I visited the new Bourke Street store I fell in love with the new range of accessories (available in store only) and had to wear them all at once.

Can you tell I am really excited about this look? The studded bow belt brings that something special to the look, its just so fashion forward and fun. Loving it, as did all my friends when I wore this look out tonight!

I adore the fringing on the skirt. Really it is my dream skirt, I have loved fringing for EVER!

Here I am playing the "bad girl" character. You can't help but play the part when you zip up the biker jacket, it just happens to you naturally (or at least it does to me).

Fully zipped up its such a flattering and sexy cut. I think I look like Lucy Lui in Charlies Angels.

Outfit Details:
Blouse: City Chic chiffon frill blouse $69.95 (currently only available in store)
Skirt: City Chic mini feather fringe skirt $69.95
Belt: City Chic pretty bow stud belt in black $39.95 (also available in pink)
Jacket: City Chic crushed biker $129.95 (currently only available in store)
Wedges: Mine from Urban Outfitters
Leggings: Mine from ASOS

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Bourke Street store's amazing Make Over

While I was away the Melbourne Bourke Street flagship store underwent an amazing transformation. I was privy to this info before I left so I was able to shoot some "before" photos in order to show you actually how amazing this reno was. I had seen the design sketches and heard all about it for a while from those in head office (to say the team were excited about it is an understatement) so without further adieu I present to you our Melbourne flagship store's amazing make over.

While not being daggy, the store had no wow factor (at least not like it does now).

As the stock levels had grown the racks were over crowded and didn't display the clothes to their full effect.

The change rooms were tired and dull.

I was away during this part of the process, so this photo is by Natalie from (an amazing fatshion blogger and artist whose blog you should definitely check out)

Um, wow factor much? With 9, count em 9, flat screens on each side of the entry way and a catwalk of mannequins (specially designed and made size 14 curvy ones at that too!) and that amazingly eye catching graphic square lattice work, it looks even better in person as you can walk through the space and watch the screens move, displaying our recent look book shots, and see the clothes styled to perfection on the catwalk.

Check out the curves on the mannequins!

You may notice the store looks larger too. Well that's because it is! We took over the shop space behind so now the store is no longer crowded and you have space to browse and move around without crashing into racks.

The new stock looks so good in this display, I want everything.

Our new range of shoes are proudly on display.

I love this rustic denim display wall which has a great street fashion edge thanks to the graffiti stenciled jeans. Such a cool idea.

How amazing is the new change room?

A must for any fabulous store, the boyfriend/husband seat. Seriously without that there my shopping experience is terrible thanks to a whinging husband who just wants to go home to watch the footy. Somehow sitting and waiting means he stops complaining, so really its a godsend. In fact today he spent a great deal of time waiting for me as I tried on a whole bunch of the new stock that come out while I was in Tokyo, so much fun!!! (for me, haha). Expect some outfit blog posts next week.

So there you have it. I think its pretty amazing, but what do you think? Have you had a chance to see it in person yet?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You can never have too many

City Chic's new range of fab accessories are available in store now and after being away for a month I'm pretty excited by this new development. Can not wait to see it all myself.

My sister is obsessed by black and gold jewellery so she will love this 5 pack of bangles for $19.95 especially as she finds it hard to get bangles that fit over her hands.

I think I have mentioned that purple is a big trend for winter so here is a no brainer 8 pack of bangles that will instantly update your look for only $19.95.

Rings that will fit my fingers! Super excited about this, especially as I love this gothic inspired black gem with silver lace ring, I would have been gutted if it didn't fit. I mean how many times has that happened to you? Total score for $19.95.

Another neo-goth inspired ring that I can't wait to get my hands on. $19.95 in store.

This one is for my sister, who like me has struggled to find rings that fit and who happens to love gold and black at the moment. Ebs what do you think, its only$19.95.

A beautiful blue flower cocktail ring for those dressier occasions. A steal at $19.95.

Nail Polishes - add that finishing touch to your outfit. My pick of the bunch is gunmetal black. Other colours available are:
Baby pink
Hot pink
Electric blue
Cherry red
Gunmetal black
all for $7.95

There are more styles in store, and more to come too which is a nice little welcome home surprise for me.