Thursday, March 25, 2010

Question Time: Gossip Girl

Ashlee wrote in and asked me how she could dress like the characters on the tv show Gossip Girl. Well there are 4 very distinct styles within the female cast so I have showcased them each separately. I must confess I am a major Gossip Girl fan so this was a really fun question for me, thanks so much Ashlee xxx

Rock chick Jenny

Jenny is the bad girl of the bunch. Dressing in short denim minies, biker black jackets and always with lots and lots of black eyeliner. Jenny is the epitome of a rock chick so this look is all about wearing black and lots of it! Team a skull print hoodie with a dark denim mini and a fab studded belt with some combat boots for a fab day look. At night go all out with a fab strapless rara dress teamed with some hot buckle wedges and some lace fingerless gloves. Rock on!

From left to right: City Chic strapless rara dress $129.95, Jeffrey Campbell buckle wedges from Nasty Gal $168, City Chic skull hoodie $59.95, City Chic boobtube with fringe $79.95, House of Baulch bow chocker from Alegorie $129, City Chic live bling tee $69.95, City Chic denim zip mini with bling $69.95, Cadelle clutch from Alegorie $90, City Chic studded belt $29.95, City Chic dandelion dress $69.95, Prague combat boots from Nasty Gal $78.

Lady-like Blair

Blair is the prim and proper lady-like dresser on Gossip Girl. Sure she often acts naughty but she always dresses like the nice girl. Formal wear is her speciality, as are hair bows and coloured opaque tights. This look is all about adding some cute playful accessories so stock up on lace and ribbon and make your own outfit tweaks.

From left to right: City Chic ditsy shirring polka dot dress $129.95, Ribbon bow pumps from Nasty Gal $112, Red Opaque tights, City Chic blue pleat party dress $129.95, Firin phoenix necklace from Alegorie $120, Headband with bow, City Chic strapless lace tier dress $199.95, Angi Mac ball bracelet from Alegorie $39, Angi Mac vintage drop earrings from Alegorie $39, Manor fold clutch from Alegorie $49, City Chic strappy mesh spot dress $149.95, City Chic belted satin trench $149.95.

City girl Serena

Serena is a regular city girl, but one who breaks all the boys hearts. She is just at home in her jeans teamed with knee high boots as she is in a formal mini dress. She never over dresses and prefers to keep it neat and casual. Team fitted jeans with a slouchy top and this seasons hottest boot, the knee high boot to head to the shops with your bestie to shop till you drop.

From left to right: City Chic shimmer top $79.95, City Chic satin penicl skirt with belt $89.95, Mogil heart key charm $34, City Chic batwing angle splice top $59.95, City Chic corset bootleg jeans $89.95, Gabee blue camille tote from Alegorie $139, Proverb key necklace from Alegoire $39, City Chic denim dress $89.95, City Chic scrunch front knee high boots $299.95.

Boho Vanessa

Vanessa is the studious activist hippie of the group. Keeping true to her op-shop aesthetic she prefers paisley print over Burberry checks, and opts for ethnic inspired accessories over glitzy gold. As she is a student she has no time for fussy clothes and prefers to wear leggings or jeans with cute vintage inspired tops. Tan accessories update the look and make it more modern. Get your hippie hippie shake on and emulate Vanessa with these pieces from the current season.

From left to right: City Chic ruffle hem dress $69.95, Jeffrey Campbell flea market cork platforms from Nasty Gal $120, City Chic tie dye top $69.95, Lola&Bailey sundial necklace from Alegorie $80, City Chic skinny jeans $89.95, Mogil tan belt from Alegorie$99, Bamboo bangles from Alegorie $29, City Chic check and embroidery shirt $69.95, Tan satchel from Alegorie $349.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What I Wore - Loving the Peplum its oh so fun!

Just a quick about what I wore to Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF). As soon as I saw that peplum/shoulder pad cardigan in the City Chic online store I knew I had to get it. Its everything I love in fashion, cute, quirky and most importantly black! As witnessed at LMFF the peplum is going to be a HUGE trend for winter, which is great as its an oh so flattering cut for us fatties. For those who don't know what a peplum is, its that extra piece at the bottom that sticks out in an a-line shape right at that crucial point, hiding your belly while defining your waist. Oh and did I mention this cardigan also has huge shoulder pads? UM hello HUGE winter trend number TWO in this awesome cardi! Get yours today before they sell out as at $69.95 it's a total bargain for two trends for the price of one, haha, sorry for going all Danoz Direct on you there.

Styling Question Time

I have to say thanks so much for all the lovely emails I have been getting. It has been a little bit overwhelming just how amazing the response has been. My plan is to answer one styling question per week right here on the blog. This week I will be answering two of your lovely questions as I missed last week due to being extremely busy at the Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Today's question is from Lashana, who asks me:

Lashana goes on to say "That is my DREAM JOB, I just don't know where to start"

Well Lashana, thanks for the great question. It was my dream job too so I know just how lucky I am to be where I am today. In saying that it is not just luck that has brought me to this point. A lot of hard work goes into getting anywhere in the fashion industry and styling is the same if not harder. Working and assisting for free or for very little is the nature of the start up stylist. Say yes to every project just to get your foot in the door and be confidant in your knowledge.

Now I have to admit being a plus sized girl has perhaps meant that it has been a little harder for me, the industry really is that fickle. So yes I have really worked hard to be respected. When I go to a showroom to do a pick up for a shoot I know that they are judging me, as our initial contact is all through email or the phone so they don't know that, "hey I'm fat" but they know my work as I send that through. Actually look I don't know if its true that they are judging me, but that is how some people make me feel. They love my work but then they see me and they are somewhat taken a back? My only response is to ignore them and act professionally. I'm sure you all will know what I mean when I say that, us plus size girls have all been there, but I don't ever let it hold me back. I mean look at me, I'm at fashion week hanging out with the likes of Akira Isogawa and the Vogue Australia editor Kirstie Clements, I don't need to listen to those people, hehe.

My tips for someone wanting to become a stylist are as follows:

  • Email stylists and their agencies and ask if they need an assistant. Assisting is a great way to get your foot in the door.
  • Be prepared to assist for little or no money for a very long time.
  • Say yes to every project that comes your way in the beginning. You never know what may come of it.
  • Don't give up with every little set back, it just takes time for people to respond to your hard work. If I had given up every time something went wrong I would have given up in the first week!
I hope that helps you Lashana and anyone else out there with the same dream.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Victorian Gothic - RMIT grad student inspired look

As it is currently Loreal Melbourne Fashion week I have been to a lot of fashion shows recently. The highlight of which was the Metamorphasis student showcase where RMIT grad student Christiana Livaditis showcased her work. Inspired by the Victorian era, Livaditis's black, nude and cobalt blue collection with its peplums, bold shoulders and ruff collars edges onto the costumey side of fashion yet still with an air of wearability. Taking note from the ideas of this collection I have put together a simple toned down night look using the same colour palette, shoulder pad and peplum details. Perfect for that fancy dinner date or a girls night out.

From left to right: City Chic peplum & shoulder pad black cardi $69.95, City Chic blue & black lace dress $129.95, City Chic blue & black sequin scarf $19.95, Peep Toe shoes Miss Soho pump in nude $299.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

D.I.Y. embellished shoulder pads

Step 1:
Gather all your materials. You will need:
  • Black shoulder pads from a craft supplies store such as Lincraft or Spotlight.
  • Sharp scissors are a must for any crafter.
  • Sewing needles, thread and pins.
  • Your embellishment materials, I decided to test out fringing, feathers, ribbon and chain.
  • As I was thinking of using chain I had my jewellery round nose pliers and metal cutting pliers on hand too.
Step 2:
Pin your chosen design to your shoulder pad. I decided to go with the simple yet effective look of fringing around the edges of the shoulder pad. Very marching band and Balmain-esque.

Step 3:
Once pinned sew your design onto the shoulder pad.

Step 4:

Attach your newly embellished shoulder pad to your black blazer. You can use safety pins to affix it if you didn't want the look to be permanent.

And there you have it, making my fab new City Chic tuxedo blazer my own with some awesome fringed shoulder pads. I'm still wanting to use the unused chain and feathers in some craft projects, you'll have to wait till my next installment of D.I.Y. to find out what I make next.

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Faves from our NEW Lookbook

City Chic's new lookbook is getting launched today and I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at it for the blog. Here are a few of my fave looks from the new collection.

This fab dress is so on my "must buy list". It's a really flattering cut with its pulled in waist and sheer floaty sleeves and as you know very girl needs a LBD (little black dress) or two....or three (in my case maybe seven). The bow in Courtney's hair perfectly finishes the look off, I'm going to show you a great DIY in the next few weeks on how to make your own.

Love the styling of this look, reminds me of the film Secretary, you can just imagine Courtney with a whip in her hand, haha. This is perfect office attire, and you will definitely turn heads at Friday night drinks in this ensemble.

I love the kooky leggings, this just gets better and better. I love me a bit of lace glove action too. This look is a little bit rock chick and a little bit Madonna circa 1988, perfect for going to gigs and rocking out.

Tres chic. The ultimate Sunday afternoon shopping and brunch look. The beret is so Frenchy chic, as are the black knee high boots which City Chic is now stocking. The mini dress is a classic piece that everyone should invest in, you can wear it day or night and if your concerned about your legs then just add some tights or better yet some leggings. If its a little cold just add a cute cropped blazer which are very much in for this winter and City Chic have a few styles.

You can watch the fun that Courtney and Justin had shooting the lookbook in the following video.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What I Wore - Still holding onto that Summer sun

I didn't want Summer to ever end. I'd been loving wearing this outfit down by the beach and then straight out to the bar afterwards (minus the hat of course) so much so that people started to give me funny looks. How many times can you wear an outfit in a row before it becomes weird? Anyway the weather turned over the weekend so I had to finally stop wearing it. For now at least, just wait till that sun comes out again, I'll be putting this outfit right back on, ha. Or another idea is to wear tights under the shorts, that way I can wear them all through winter. Good thinking 99.

Outfit Details:

Floral top: City Chic $69.95
Denim Shorts: City Chic $69.95
Hat: My sisters
Necklace: Make Believe (gift from the designers)
Gladiator sandals: Target
Bag: Vintage find

You Style'd it well

Every month I'm going to choose my favourite looks that you have style'd wearing City Chic clothing and then uploaded to our facebook fan page. That's right you can be one of our blog's fashion stars. How cool is that? So add us as a friend and start uploading your looks today.

This month I'm loving

Kellie works the floral dress to perfection, with matching pumps and a cute clutch. This is what she has to say "I love wearing City Chic, I feel as beautiful as a model when I wear the brand! It's awesome to not have the perfect body, but not have to hide behind it in ugly clothes. City Chic lets me express myself as the fashionista that I am! THANK YOU! xx" We love you too Kellie.

Soyla says "This is one of my favourite City Chic dresses" and you can see why. It fits her like a glove and she looks cute as a button with her fab hair bow and and freshly cut flowers. She has taken note of the cute print and rolled with the cute theme. Perfection.

Malia "feels very flirtatious" in this dress, and why not? She is looking smoking hot. Love that she has worn the dress belted, which is a great way to define your waist and the chain strap bag is a must have for every woman as they are always in. Malia I love you in your flirty dress, talk about perfect match.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What I plan to wear to LMFF

Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival is upon us and its a time for you to really dress up and have fun with fashion. So here are some fun fashion week looks I plan on sporting throughout the week.

Hippy Luxe

Tie Dye has made a big comeback in recent times. I'm going to channel tie dye's heyday aka the 1970's with some clogs and a lunar inspired necklace. Hippy-tastic!
Clockwise from left to right: City Chic Tie Dye tunic dress $79.95 , House of Baulch Lunar necklace from Alegorie, City Chic sparkly knit jumper $79.95, Cadelle clutch from Alegorie, Jeffrey Campbell clogs.

Swinging 60's
A fun look for fashion festival shenanigans. I imagine I will be street snapped numerous times in this look as street photographers love clothes with drama and the fringed top just screams drama from its seams!
Clockwise from left to right: City Chic fringed boobtube $79.95, City Chic sparkle legging $29.95, City Chic floral skirt $69.95, Lola & Bailey necklace from Alegorie, Jeffrey Campbel suede wedges.

1980's Shoulder Boulder
A fab DIY idea to make your jacket truly your own is to add some embellished shoulder pads. I will be showing you how to make your own on this blog next week.
Clockwise from left to right: City Chic strapless rara dress $129.95, City Chic Tuxedo jacket $89.95, DIY embellished shoulder pad (instructions next week!)