It has been a busy weekend for me! On Sunday I headed to the RNA Showgrounds and attended Stereosonic 2010 and last night I went and saw one of my favourite acts; Muse at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. For those of you who don't know Brisbane has lost it's lovely sunshine over the past week and has gained non stop rain, now while I welcome the cooler weather with open arms, the rain can really dampen some festival spirits (no pun intended ha ha).


My Dad owns a Concert, Sound and Lighting production company in Brisbane and Sydney and I work for him, Stereosonic is one of the many festivals we supply production for (think audio, staging, lights, etc) so I was lucky enough to get free tickets to Stereosonic. I'm more of a rock chic kinda girl but I do appreciate all types of music, having worked at the last two Stereosonic Festivals in Brisbane I was really keen to be on the other side of the show and experience it as an attendee. I spent my day at the mainstage in the grandstand (it was the best place to have an excellent view and stay dry at the same time). All of the acts were in top form; Benny Benassi, Sebastian Ingrosso, Carl Cox, and Tiesto. Highlights of the day for me were Wiley (an artist from the UK) who reminded me a lot of Dizzee Rascal who I love! And Calvin Harris! At first I was a little disappointed with Calvins set, I saw him perform when he supported Lily Allen at the Riverstage in January and he brought his band along and played a full live set so I was expecting to see that again but he only played a DJ set. It was still fantastic though and he quickly redeemed himself when he threw in some Dizzee Rascal, Daft Punk and a Benny Benassi tracks. I was blown away by the visuals on the screens at the mainstage, everything was completely in sync with the music and added to the party atmosphere. All in all the festival was an eye opener, it's always great to experience different events and get a taste of everything!

Last nights Muse show was the 4th time I have seen them live and was by far the best! It is amazing to see how far this band have come , they have definitely cemented themselves as one of the worlds best live bands. Words really can not describe just how 'out of this world' their set up was, I can only try to paint a picture. The stage consisted of 3 columns that looked like buildings, the bottom part of the columns moved up and down and each band member played on one of these columns. The drummer even rotated 360 degrees while his column moved up and down. Visuals alone, the performance was spectacular. It's not hard to see why Muse are dubbed one of the best live bands of our time - they are faultless. Matt Bellamy's voice is absolutely amazing and sounds identical to their recordings and as musicians these guys are machines! They played for two hours and had the crowd engaged for every single minute! Highlights for me included; 'Bliss' (which is one of my favourites and one I have never heard live before), 'Plug in Baby' which was recently voted the best guitar riff of the past decade, 'Starlight', 'Supermassive black hole', 'The Resistance' and 'Time is running out'. Actually it's hard just to pick a few highlights as every song was perfection! Over the past eight years I have been attending numerous amounts of Festivals and Concerts and I can safely say that Muse are one of the best live acts I have seen. If you ever get the chance to see them perform I highly recommend you go!

I am off to get some much needed rest and prepare for next week! Yes it's time to drag out the leopard print, red lipstick, and hair teasing comb because I am off to BON JOVI! Not just one show, TWO SHOWS! One in Brisbane and one in Sydney, yes as daggy as it sounds I can proudly declare that I AM A 21 YEAR OLD BON JOVI FAN! It's time to bring the 80's back! I can't wait to tell you all about the shows, I have been looking forward to them for months and months!



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