Rouse Hill Fashion Show

Back toward the end of May the ever awesome Rouse Hill City Chic Manager "Elise" and her team organised a rockin fashion parade that blew everyone away. She had a great group of girls who modeled outfits styled by Elise, showcasing some really fantastic items that were currently in stock.
The most showstopping item would have to have been the Ombre Sunray Pleated Maxi worn by Kylie. When I posted the photos on Facebook fans just went crazy for it and no wonder, it's just so flattering, I think it sold out in a matter of days!
Alicia rocked it out hard. As soon as she started stomping down the catwalk looking fierce I instantly wanted to rush out and get the exact same hair cut... and the jeans! Of course all these items are old stock so you'd be lucky to find any of it now (Have you checked out the City Chic Clearance Stores?) but I just wanted to show you how proud we all were of the girls strutting their style.
Pippa's outfit makes me want to go to a concert, loving the ripped jeans and corset but I think you'd have to agree it's that winning smile that makes the outfit a success. Confidence is so attractive!
Sara's outfit, or should I say the angle of my camera, was a hot topic on Facebook for awhile. She wore the most daring outfit of them all on the catwalk and you should have seen her, she was powerful and alluring. I personally don't believe good fashion is defined purely by an outfit that hides all your conceivable "flaws". I think it's about loving what you're wearing and feeling great when you wear it.
Sarah was so nervous when she walked up onto the catwalk but by the time she got to the end she was absolutely beaming. She's wearing my all time favourite denim jacket, I honestly live in it. I'm still slightly obsessed with bows and pearls too :)

I hope you all enjoyed the little fashion flashback. I've been going to the Rouse Hill City Chic store since it opened and it really does feel like you're hanging out with friends when you're there. I frequent it often so you never know, you might run into me in the change rooms when I pop out and ask ... "Does my arse look hot in this?"


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