Parramatta Model Search

Earlier this year City Chic asked their facebook fans to head to their newly revamped Parramatta store, style themselves in their favourite outfit from the current range of clothes and put their best face forward and maybe, just maybe they'd be featured in a fashion shoot for the facebook page. The store was packed and the change rooms were over capacity but everyone seemed to be excited and having a good time.
I went along too, I couldn't help myself. I met Courtney who is super lovely and instantly wished I had long flowing locks like hers... I've been growing mine ever since! I wore a rockabilly inspired ensemble that got rave reviews. It was fun helping others put together outfits, doing up zippers and putting on heels. There was no cattiness despite the cramped space, just pure girlie excitement.
Parramatta City Chic was always one of those stores that had lots of stock but the layout was really cramped and if you had a stroller there was no way you could get in there to look at anything. It was also kind of hot in the change rooms but since the revamp it's a completely different experience, so open, clean and just a little bit funky. I love the crisscross concept, so dramatic.
The two winners from the event were Brook Porter, the utterly gorgeous Blonde and Catherine White, the sensational Brunette. They both rocked the shoot and looked absolutely stunning, congratulations again girls!
My personal favourite City Chic store is Rouse Hill as the girls are lovely and it's right near my house. Other stores I tend to visit are located at Parramatta, Penrith, Castle Hill and Blacktown. It got me wondering...  

Which is your favourite City Chic store and why?


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