Today I wanted to share a few Maxi dresses with you and there's not a single cardigan, shrug or bolero to be seen. I am amoung a large majority of women who despise their arms and the owner of a large collection of items to cover up my "flaw", you could call me "the queen of the 3/4 sleeve" if you like but I just call myself embarrassed. I'm being proactive about my health and trying to tone things up but at the same time I'm retraining my brain to love me as I am everyday which I think is just as healthy if not more so. 
I wanted to share a few dresses that City Chic has in stock at the moment, none of which I would have chosen myself, Elise chose them for me to try on. I also want to remind you that I'm not a model and to encourage you to try on something you wouldn't normally have the courage to try... be fearless, you might be surprised!
I really love the bold colours of this dress. When I saw it on the hanger I wasn't impressed but Elise (Rouse Hill Store Manager) urged me to try it on. I was there to break down mental barriers so I rolled with it and as you can tell from my smile, I'm glad I did. It was comfortable as the bust was completely shirred, the dress fell beautifully and the fabric was so soft. Oh, and I'm wearing my Lovable Convertible Bra which is available in City Chic stores.
I've noticed on facebook that a lot of ladies want shorter maxi dresses, this might be one to try on. That said you can always get any item from City Chic altered at a dress makers, most shopping centers have them these days or you can find plenty in the yellow pages and the charge is usually pretty minimal, less than the cost of lunch. Anyway, back to the dress... I could see it being a part of my wardrobe. A nice dress which you could wear casually to the shops or dressed up for a date with your friends or loved one. The bust is also shirred on this dress and the fabric is nice and slinky.
If you like a dress with a bit of va-va-voom then this is it! The plunging neckline had me adjusting a lot but I have pretty big boobs so for ladies with a more modest chest who want a little extra boost, I can't stress enough how much you should try this dress on. I loved that I didn't have to wear a strapless bra and really liked the little beaded detailing on the straps, an extra reason not to cover up. The drape of the dress is lovely and I really liked the flower print, it makes a statement without being to over the top.
I adored the soft fabric, the style, cut, neckline... even the ruffle but for me personally, I just couldn't love the print on the bottom. I'm not really a tropical kind of girl but I know that because the dress has great "bones" a lot of ladies would totally rock it. Scared of ruffles, think they make you look bigger... forget the myth, ruffles make my day and any outfit that makes me smile... completes the outfit. Wear what you love ladies but don't be afraid to try something new.

Special thanks to Elise, Store Manager - City Chic Rouse Hill for taking these photos xx


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