Changeroom Confessions

Peep Toe Xover Heel $99.95 and a necklace that isn't available online yet but just hit stores.
As promised, here is me in all my glory... wearing shorts. My knees have never really seen the light of day in recent years but I'm pale all over so it doesn't really bother me and no, I don't fake tan. What I am conscious of is the chunky thighs weighing down on my knees making them look dumpy... it's the reason I haven't worn shorts in forever. But... now that I'm looking at the whole picture, they bother me less. I think I look pretty damn good and you know what... that makes me feel brilliant!
 I'm wearing: One Shoulder Ruffle Wild Zebra Top $79.95, 
Again I'm rocking the shorts but this time I've paired it with the ultra glam Miami Heat top that featured in the campaign, it was just way too hot to try on jeans last night. The top feels really pretty to wear and the ruffle is very understated, I also liked the fitted waist, very comfortable. I have quite big breasts so one shoulder tops/dresses generally make me feel uncomfortable as I feel unsupported but when you get a top this flamboyant and fun, you just have to try it on!
To be completely honest, I was a bit nervous about this dress I tried it on because I had a feeling a few of you were too by the reactions it got on facebook, plus I looooved the colour. It's very form fitting so on larger girls like me it will show those extra curves and bumps but I can imagine wearing it with tights and maybe not pulling it down so far so it does act like a tunic as it was designed to be. I never really liked split sleeves either but now I find them to be really flattering. As some of the ladies on facebook mentioned, if you loved the dress but weren't keen on the split sleeves, you could always stitch them up by hand, personally I love them.
As soon as I saw this dress online I had to try it on. I loved the bold colours, the wing sleeve and the pretty scooped hemline. I liked the way it wrapped itself around my middle, it was very flattering and thanks to my Loveable convertible bra from City Chic (the only style bra I've used in 4 years, excluding maternity) I felt comfortable and supported even though I only had one shoulder strap. If you're unsure about one shoulder dresses or tops, try this one on and you'll fall in love like me.
 I'm wearing: Flower Rain Dress $99.95, Black Beads Bracelet $24.95,  Peep Toe Xover Heel $99.95
You should know, as soon as I slipped this dress on, I bought it. I took it straight home and strutted around the house in it! It's so prefect for summer due to the light fabric. I loved the length, the zippered low cut bust and how my back is completely covered. I teamed it with the thick chunky buckled belt and the new black beaded bracelet. The pattern on the dress is dark yet feminine and I like that. If you wanted to cover up your arms you could easily throw on a shrug or bolero and the dress is so easy to dress up or down... I adore it!

So there you go, a few of the new pieces I've tested out recently. I'm hoping to make this a fortnightly feature. I'd love to hear your feedback and any requests. I'm also working on a few other projects that could involve YOU so keep an eye out for news on that. Don't forget to email photos in your favourite pair of City Chic jeans to get the chance to win a City Chic Online Voucher!!! I'm loving all the entries so far... have to be win it to in it!


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