Changeroom Confessions

I promised "Shelley" who commented on my Jean Genie post last Friday, that I would go in store and try out all the new Jean styles, take photographs and share my thoughts as a lot of people on the facebook page have been having issues with sizing. I should inform you all right now, I am not model and I'm not trying to be one. I'm a size 20-22 (about 125kgs) and 170cm tall with an hourglass figure as my hips and bust (size 18E/F) measurements are the same and my waist is just a touch smaller. I would also like to point out that no, I don't usually tuck my top into my jeans but I wanted to show you the fit in detail, chubby bits and all. I'm also wearing my own Puff Sleeve Top in Sky Blue Stripe and pair of City Chic Patent Pumps with each pair of jeans so you could judge the length. I'd like to thank Elise (Rouse Hill CC Store Manager) for taking these photos. NOTE: If you want to view them larger just click on the photo.
ZIP SKINNY - I love these. I really really love these... but I'm just not used to skinny jeans, I'm a bootleg kind of girl. The thing I loved most was the extra panel of denim and stitching at the front, I had my son via c-section and that little bit of extra support at the front was great and the waistband didn't fold over or crease. The zips are on more of a vertical angle, making my legs look a little longer which I liked. The back also sat at a good height, not too low. It took awhile to pull those bad boys on (again, not used to skinnies) and I did consider the sizing to be smaller as I needed a 22 when usually a 20 is fine and all the 22's I own at home are too big for me. I liked the overall fit, the length, colour and all the little details I loved so the number on the tag doesn't really phase me but if you're ordering online I suggest maybe going up a size and please remember that City Chic have a great return policy.
FIRECRACKER - I wanted to love the Firecracker but after seeing how great the Zip Skinny waistband was, I was a tiny bit disappointed but quickly got over it once I realised a) I never tuck my top in and b) how great they made my legs look. The bootleg cut is very flattering and I liked that they weren't as fitted on my calves but again, I did find that the 20 didn't fit and had to go up to a 22. Again, that aside I really liked the glitzy detailing on the pockets and the dark wash created a silhouette that I thought was lovely. The back seemed to sit a touch lower but I've got a bit of a chunky butt and prefer a higher waistband. I know there are a lot of ladies out there that would totally rock these jeans and I can see them being a great dressy/casual addition to any wardrobe.
BABY RIPPED - Great comfortable pair of jeans but yet again the 20 didn't fit.  I've been on the Tony Ferguson program for 6 weeks and I have records to prove I've lost weight as well as centimeters so I know it's not me. Head office is addressing the sizing issue and is being very understanding when it comes to returns and exchanges, I just don't want anyone to think their voices aren't being  heard. Anyway, back to the awesome jeans... the waist band fitted nicely and wasn't too low at the back. Personally it's not the usual colour I go for as I like a darker wash but I honestly couldn't fault them. They'd be a great wardrobe staple in my opinion. The length was perfect but remember I am wearing heels in all these photos. I can see these selling out quickly so be sure to act fast.
WIDE LEG - I also wanted to show you what I ended up leaving the store with. I tried these on when they first came out and loved them straight away. I like the retro button flap pockets and the extra wide waist band and large cuffed hem. I'd never owned a pair of wide leg jeans or pants for that matter, I've been strictly a bootleg girl but I think they're a great darker-wash casual jean yet the large hem dresses it up a bit. All my jeans had officially gone to "denim heaven" so I was really thankful I found these and guess what... they're a size 20, not all items have sizing issues. If in doubt you can always contact your nearest store and ask one of the team members as they dress lots of different body types every day.
So there you go, my butt at many many different angles... oh, and all the most recent jeans in stock. As you can see there are plenty to choose from and I just know that there is a pair or two that will fit you like a glove and flatter your figure. It's also a lot more fun trying jeans on when you have an adorable  little assistant like my son who just so happens to be working denim in his own way. Don't forget to submit your own photos of you in your favourite new pair of City Chic Jeans, you could feature on the blog and win a voucher to spend online! Just email it to me with a little information about how you styled your outfit as well as your name.

I hope you found the post, not to mention the photos, helpful and maybe even a little bit inspiring. I'm hoping to make Changeroom Confessions yet another regular feature so keep an eye out because, next time I'm tackling the ever present debate about... sleeves!


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