Short Shorts

There are a lot of inspiring women on the internet, most of which have blogs. My favourite to read are the fashion (or fatshion) blogs, so many creative ladies out there strutting their stuff and posting outfit photos, they really have changed the plus size fashion market.

One of my favourite home grown, plus size models is Teer Wayde, she did an excellent post recently about Short Shorts which I wanted to share with you all as it touched on the insecurities a lot of us have, yet she still got out there in them and looked fierce doing so. Teer also shared these great tips for wearing shorts:
  • Wear them with killer heels - They elongate your legs and shorts need this.
  • Don't wear them with flats if you are not 100% comfortable with your legs.
  • If you feel the need to cover up a little more add Opaque stockings or Fishnets
  • Find a pair that are a comfortable length for you.
If short shorts aren't your thing, City Chic has lots of different styles and lengths to suit every lady looking for a cool new look for summer. If you're keen to beat the heat and brave enough to slip a pair on to show off your lovely legs, here are a few outfit suggestions for you to try out...
 I grew up in the Northern Territory and I'm no stranger to warmer weather. This outfit makes me wish I was back in Darwin wandering around the sunset beach markets or relaxing at a beer garden sipping Mojito's or even just for hanging out at the family BBQ.

Top: Pretty & Sweet Shirt $69.95 - City Chic
Shorts: Short Cargo Short $69.95 - City Chic
Ring: Turq Butterfly Ring $14.95 - City Chic
Shoes: Corelli Circus $69.99 - Williams
Hat: Sarroff Cowboy Fedora $20.00 - Freez
Bangles: Ray of Sunshine Bangle Pack $24.99 - Lovisa

This outfit is bound to cause a stir and will flawlessly show off your best assets. You could wear this on a warm summer night out dancing, whilst strutting your stuff at the shopping center or even to the movies with some friends.

Top: Bouquet Bustier $79.95 - City Chic
Shorts: Short Hi-Waist Denim Indigo Short $69.95 - City Chic
Shoes: Shalyn Wedges $49.95 - Novo Shoes
Bag: Bluebird Studded Shopper $39.99 - Strandbags
Bangles: Bonjour Bangles Set $19.95 - City Chic
Ring: Tribal Band Ring $14.95 - City Chic

After reading Teer's post about the shorts I rushed straight in-store and tried them on. I'm a size 20-22, have lily-white skin and I have cellulite everywhere but I still adored these shorts. My mother can be a harsh critic but even she gave them the seal of approval. Even if you don't step out of the change room in them, at least try them on... you might surprise yourself!


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