Pretty in Pink!

City Chic,Dress,Pink,Fatshion,Fashion,Curves,Gorgeous,Plus-Size,plussize,review

Someone asked me recently via email, how often I dress up... the answer is, almost never (unless I am off to a wedding...) Put simply and honestly, I just dress, and what you see here in this blog - is literally just a capturing of my style. I always like to look a little edgy and feminine... I love my soft, natural makeup and the pretty touches my jewelry adds. I also LOVE sharing my looks and thoughts on fashion with you... so THANK YOU for reading! xxx.

City Chic,Dress,Pink,Fatshion,Fashion,Curves,Gorgeous,Plus-Size,plussize,review

Recently, on my one day off a week, I went into London with my boyfriend to do a spot of retail therapy... makeup and shoes were on the cards and I wanted to head into town feeling fine. It is such a strange thing; my one day off is so important to me... I like to spend the morning loafing about in pjs or a nightie, eat a lazy breakfast and catch up with the papers - but when I go out, on this one day a week - I want to feel fantastic. And for me, that starts with a good sleep but also covers great company (hello, Mr. Darcy!) and a general feeling of feminine awesomeness.

City Chic,Dress,Pink,Fatshion,Fashion,Curves,Gorgeous,Plus-Size,plussize,review

I really adore this City Chic dress. Many of you who read my personal blog will know that I always defer to a high empire line. I like things to cut from under my bust and if a piece of clothing has back-ties - even better. Well... this dress has neither of these things, instead, the material has a gorgeous feminine cut and feels soft with a slight rigidity - meaning it holds shape well. LOVE.

Now, I wore this dress with tights (a current "Here comes Winter!" MUST in London)... and a pair of boots. These boots (which I've owned for over two years) are one of the reasons I went shopping... they need replacing.

As you can see from my photos, the slouch nature of the boot is now pretty much SLOPPY as opposed to slouchy - so a new pair is on the cards... I didn't find any suitable ones though - so UK babes - any suggestions would be great, and international curvettes - if you can suggest online store love - that would be perfect too. I want them to be black, calf boots with a baby heel...


(These are Australian Wittner "Sin City" boots - but Wittner's international shipping rates are a little crazy for my liking).

In any case - shoe slouchiness aside, I DO feel very Pretty in this tiered Pink dress and that is cool for two reasons...

Firstly - I feel great - which is most important... and secondly, my blog post just referenced a fantastic film from the 80s.

I am SO Molly Ringwald, right now!


This dress was released by City Chic and while mostly sold out - you can find the top that matches the gorgeous pink pixel pattern - HERE!


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