I just LOVE living in the UK.

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Recently, on a rare weekend off from work, I headed to Paris with my Mr. Darcy. I have to say that one of the best things about living in London is the absolute EASE at which you can jump on a plane or indeed, the Eurostar and head somewhere. It is so different to Australia... two hours on a plane used to get me from Sydney to Adelaide, now - two hours on a TRAIN gets me from London to Paris.

Paris,Australia,City Chic,Fashion,Plus-size,Curves,Dresses

We were only in Paris for a couple of days and I always find it a bit hard to select those special outfits and accessories that get to make my little trips with me. I recently received a couple of dresses from City Chic though and wanted to wear them for my romantic getaway. One was bright yellow. Being honest, when I received this tiered yellow dress from the Ms Bouquet range by CityChic, I was unsure how the colour would go on my skin... well - it looked beautiful. My boyfriend and I decided to emphasise how lovely the colour is by using accent in our photos. When I was walking about, I heard a french lady tell her husband I looked "trés jolie". I LOVED that moment! (Trés jolie means "very pretty"). Now, I didn't realise until after we got home how well the wind was playing with some of the ruffles in the dress - but as you can see, windy or no - the dress is really gorgeous...


Frankly, I had a gorgeous time in Paris and I felt gorgeous too.

Blogging has helped me explore a lot more colour and vivacious energy in my clothing choices and the weekend away was no exception. I have worn colour and dresses for a long while, but sharing outfits and moments has helped me feel extra confident and be a little more daring. Bright yellow is daring, for me! You may recall I showed you an outfit all in blue a couple of weeks ago... well, that was daring for me too! Such bold block colours!

In any case - my other outfit choice, again from the Ms Bouquet range by City Chic was this pretty red and black floral Sun Dress. This is actually one of my favourite dresses and it always makes me feel feminine and cute. As it stands, I felt quite feminine the whole weekend!

I love being in Paris and I love the feel of the city. If you are ever thinking of holidaying in the UK - jump on the Eurostar... even for just a couple of days - Paris is wonderful (oh, and fashionable too!)

Outside the Louvre wearing the City Chic French Garden Party dress. The skirt is still available here!


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