Farewell Powderfinger

On Friday night I was lucky enough to be able to attend Powderfinger's second last show at the Riverstage in Brisbane. My parents and I were invited as guests of one of the band members, we received the royal treatment; a special viewing 'stage' in the middle of the arena which allowed us to see almost everything and also an invitation to go backstage after the performance and mingle with the band and crew.

I had been looking forward to this night for months and months, Powderfinger are one of my favourite bands and many of their songs are part of the soundtrack to my life.

We arrived just as Jet were finishing up their set. I have always been a fan of Jet, I'm a big Rock n Roll girl and appreciate and love Australian music. Jet remind me of my school days and listening to their last few songs definitely brought back memories. They have come a long way since releasing their first album and still manage to captivate the audience, they were a great warm up.

Powderfingers set, where do I start? It was everything I had hoped for! They played all their hits from the last twenty or so years and had the audience's full attention from the first chord of their first song. I have seen the band play a few times before Friday nights show and I can safely say that Fridays show was the best I have seen. My highlights were; 'Like a dog' which saw the band walk out into the crowd and play on top of a 2ND stage which was situated in the middle of the arena amongst the crowd (and lucky for me right behind the area I was standing in), 'Baby I've got you on my mind' Bernard dedicated this song to the bands children or as he called them the 'Mini Fingers' this song definitely brought the crowd together, 'My Happiness' imagine a sold out audience of approximately 10,000 people united as one singing the lyrics of a song, words can't describe how fantastic that moment was I had goosebumps and may have shed a few tears of happiness. It's moments like those where you realise how important music is in peoples lives. 'These Days' was another highlight, their last song of the night and the last Powderfinger song I will ever see live. The full set list from the night can be found here.

I'm sure there are a lot of Powderfinger fans hoping that the band will do a 'John Farnham' and reunite again and tour in the future. As much as I love the band and their music I really hope this doesn't happen, I hope to see them stick to their word and work on the new chapter of their lives. The second last Powderfinger show is a show that I will never forget and Powderfinger are a band that I will always love and respect. It was a fantastic way to farewell a band that have played a big part of my life.

Inside Chic is mainly a Fashion blog and my posts so far have only been focused on music and the concerts and festivals I'm attending so I have decided that I will give you ladies some tips on some great festival and concert wear! Choosing the perfect outfit for a concert can be quite hard especially for those in the warmer months, you want to wear something that makes you feel great but also comfortable and something that's practical for lots of dancing and walking around. I personally am a major fan of dresses over leggings. It's practical, comfortable, and I still feel girly. I am currently in love with City Chic's Lilac Animal Top and I'm planning to wear it with the Lace Hem Legging to Stereosonic Festival in December.

I am having a great time listening to the bands that some of you have told me about, please keep them coming!

xox Hope


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