Days into Night...

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Turning London days into night with the Rhinestone Dress by City Chic

Daytime fashion in London is a funny thing. Especially when you are a woman, at work, who likes to head out for an evening drink. The things is, things are SO FAR apart in London. Seriously. The average daily commute of a Londoner is an hour. In fact, if you are able to get to work in under an hour you're a bit of a lucky duck.

My boyfriend, aptly nicknamed, Mr. Darcy (because he's an English) works in Central London. I work long contracts... so in my downtime between those contracts, I'll go into Central London to see him for lunch. I remember doing this at the start of the year and being struck by how lovely so many of the women in London look. These women weren't just wearing suits, but fashion-suits. So many of them looked immaculate and really put together. Then I started thinking about my closest friend, Bex. Bex is a kiwi and she works in London as a VFX Producer, she also ALWAYS looks immaculate for work.

The thing is, here in London, there is no time. Living in Sydney and Adelaide, after work or university, I always had time to head home, get dressed and head out. You just can't do that here. My fashion has actually changed a lot since coming to the UK as I have really meshed together my work and social wear, in fact, with the exception of a couple of formal dresses, anything I wear to work will always look great out to dinner too...

My pick for the moment for turning Days into Night at City Chic is the amazing Splice Super Sexy Dress and the matching Splice Super Sexy Jacket. These items will transition fabulously from Day to Night... and with plenty of Christmas Drinks coming up in the next six weeks - this will be a great outfit to have in your wardrobe.

Oh yes, it looks totally hot too!

City Chic,Sexy Splice Dress,Sexy Splice Jacket,plussize,gorgeous


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