Workin Hard for a Livin'!

Hello lovelies! I have had a killer work week - the kind where you look around and wonder where the time went and how you managed to get through everything! Each day I get up at about 5:40am and by 6:30am I am driving to Shepperton Studios with the expectation of a 15 hour work day! I do this... SIX times a week! Oh, the glamour!

I always like to wake up though and feel pretty. I LIKE dressing nicely for work - for me really, more than anyone else - so even when I feel exhausted I can feel like I have done something for myself that keeps me feeling fresh and pretty (I like feeling pretty!). I have been enamored this last week with the French Garden Dress that City Chic released (even though the dress is sold out online - the skirt is still available HERE!). I like that it is such a feminine design and that I can wear it with or without a belt. Currently, this dress is my "Go-To" item and I have managed to make it work on both sunshiney days, but also on miserable, gloomy ones. I like the colour and I LOVE the energy of the pattern.

What is your current "Go-To" item? Do you usually reach for a dress or your denim? I LOVE knowing what people are wearing and REALLY enjoy learning about other's personal style... Maybe, if we have really different styles, I could try something new after being inspired by one of you? I would LOVE that!


Em. x.


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