Vintage Styled Chic!

My BFF and I out in London

I am lucky. One of my best friends lives right here in London with me. Bex and I have known each other since we worked together in Sydney, back in 2005... we also happened to live across the road from each other in Surry Hills- how crazy is that?! We bonded over a love of Elton John and a friendly Rugby Union rivalry (Bex happens to be a Kiwi).

You know how I love the Elephants!

The other night, Bex came with me to a networking event at the beautiful new JuJu bar in Chelsea. Bex and I were representing the awesomeness from downunder, and spotted people from Girls Aloud - as well as actors from The Bill. Crazy.

Inside the fashionable JuJu Bar

While we didn't co-ordinate, Bexy and I BOTH ended up wearing vintage styled looks, I chose the Lace Corsage Emma dress and paired it with the Ruffle Shoulder Shurg. I used the corsage broaches from the dress as hair pieces (I attached them to bobby pins which were strategically hidden UNDER the broaches in my hair).

It was a lot of fun... and I don't usually drink - so the delicious bellinis went straight to my head! Not great with an hour long tube ride home, but still - just so much fun!

Heading home. x.

What do you wear to get the vintage look? I love this dress AND - flapper style headbands are totally the rage here in London at the moment... What vintage styles do you like?

Em. x.


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