London and Sunshine.

Look! No leggings!

There is something frenetic about London when the sun appears... so too do legs, arms and chests. Clothes change dramatically: leggings disappear, sandals are worn and people dare to hope that it will be a long summer. The mood in the city changes and while I don't mind London's grey skies, blue ones DO feel rare and need to be enjoyed. This last weekend, with the sun high in the sky (and SPF applied) - I went for a walk along The Thames down by The Tower Bridge.

Pretty blue skies - REALLY a rare treat!

If you ever come across to London, the best place to see a traditional Beefeater is down in The Tower area. Basically, The bridge is right by The Tower of London and the Beefeaters are the official guards there - these are the bodyguards of the British Monarch and protect The Crown Jewels. Back in the day, they used to guard prisoners too (including Anne Boleyn). When I saw a Beefeater this weekend, I could not resist a photo - what an AMAZING uniform and up close - the detail is pretty beautiful.

Traditional State Dress Uniforms of the Beefeater date back to 1552!

All in all - it was an awesome weekend. I wore this City Chic Lace Panel Dress with the Shrug as I wanted to look pretty and enjoy the sun, but also feel warm enough in shade and as night fell. I am so excited to share the UK and how Londoners wear clothes especially through the coming Summer months.

Outfit Details:
Shrug: Shrug Elbow Sleeve $59.95


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