Help, what do I wear to my formal?

Lovely reader Emily wrote in to ask for help in deciding what to wear to her year 12 formal. I decided to tackle the question head on and give some tips on what to wear to both a year 10 and year 12 formal. By the way, for those American readers joining us, a formal is what we call a prom over here in Australia.

Pretty in Pink: A year 10 Formal

The year 10 formal is all about fun and letting your hair down before the final and most important two years of schooling which lie ahead. For this reason you should have some fun with your outfit and make the dress something you would wear again, a real party dress that looks great on the dance floor! To make the day more special book in for a french mani, a sure way to make you feel more grown up.

Dress: City Chic Camille dress $149.95 The shimmy factor is high with the floaty rara style skirt, and it totally brings the fash factor with its on trend visible front zip!
Bag: A classic vintage piece will impress your peers.
Necklace: Buy something unique from a local artist market so that no one else has the same piece as you!
Heels: City Chic Patent Platform Pumps $99.95 Classic pumps in shiny patent will always be a classic look.

Sophisticated Black: A year 12 Formal

The year 12 formal signifies an end of an era, the end of your high school life and the beginning of adulthood. As it is such an important momentous occasion you should do it in a glamorous and sophisticated way so that when you look back at your photos you don't cringe. An all black outfit teamed with silver accessories is a timeless look that won't age with time, it will always be in style.

Dress: City Chic Pleat Helena Maxi $149.95 A modern maxi dress with some glam beaded detailing will help keep the look young and fresh while still timeless and classic.
Bag: A heirloom piece, everyone's grandma has a beautiful timeless clutch in their wardrobe, just remember to ask nicely before you borrow it (they always say yes!).
Necklace: City Chic Crystal Heart Necklace $19.95 A small sparkly charm is better than too much bling if your going for subtle and sophisticated.
Bangles: City Chic Wild Side Bangle Set $19.95 A fun set of bangles to highlight your well manicured hands.
Heels: City Chic Peep Toe Xover Heels $99.95 Peep toe shoes under a maxi show just the right amount of skin.

I hope that gave you some inspiration Emily. Good luck with your exams and I hope your formal is everything you dream it will be.


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