Black and White

My hair is getting longer! I usually get the back cut very short with longer bob styling at the front. A-Symmetrical and Graded cuts are very big here in London, and this fashionista likes to keep up! In fact, my hair salon - The Painted Lady is run by a gorgeous Kiwi called Belinda - I think I will do a post on her in the next month or so!

My pics today are in Black and White. I was playing about with camera settings and set it this way, taking shots before a party this weekend. I looked SMASHING (even if I do say so myself!). I LOVE how much this dress hugs my curves, accentuates them and shows off how great the curvy shape is. This dress is a black number (I am obsessed with all the City Chic LBDs at the moment!) and as you can see - fits me well - I wore sheer stockings (my first pair, having worn thick tights most of the last year!) and kitten heels.

Also, I felt like a million bucks! I LOVE how City Chic dresses can make me feel SO sexy and wonderful and feminine all at the same... x.

I am wearing the
Wittner Shoes and Sheer Stockings...

PS - The belt came WITH the dress!


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