Birthday Cakes!

Although I wore City Chic all day - I didn't get any full length outfit shots (oopsy!), but it was my birthday yesterday and I DID get cupcake shots. I had to share them, because they are just too cute. I work in the film industry, so my work mates decided to get me themed cupcakes to go with the day. Seriously CUTE and delicious.

I always love little touches like this. Someone I WORK with went to this effort. It always amazes me just how lovely people can be. Film hours can be long hours (very often, I do 15 hour days, six days a week!!) - so it always so nice when someone stops and makes you feel special. We are filming out at Shepperton Studios, which is not too close to anything - so it feels like an especially nice gesture when you're in the middle of nowhere!

These are my favourites - a clapper board, film real and star badge, right by my Sound Mixer. Proper outfit post - next week ladies! xxx.


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