Tribal - 3 pieces 5 ways

I finally got my hands on the amazing City Chic macrame dress the other day, and while I was in store I picked up a few other bits and pieces to go with it. I love how these 3 pieces from the current Tribal collection at City Chic can become 5 great on trend outfits by mixing and matching and layering them in different ways for different moods or occasions. The pieces are as follows: Tie dye tunic with zip back $59.95, White puff sleeve top $29.95 and the Macrame Tunic $89.95 all available in-store.

Outfit 1:
White puff sleeve top under the macrame tunic with City Chic cuffs $19.95 (worn throughout). You can really see the amazing detailing in the tunic when you wear a solid block of colour underneath. I absolutely am in LOVE with this look. What do you think?

Outfit 2:
White puff sleeve top under the tie dye tunic for a more casual day time look. Puffed sleeves are a huge trend at the moment so its fun to embrace them in this way.

Outfit 3:
White puff sleeved top under both the tie dye and macrame tunics. Adding more layers gives the look depth and a feeling of texture. I like how you can see the tie dye pattern through the macrame.

Outfit 4:
White puff sleeve top over the tie dye tunic belted at the waist (my own belt). Another casual day time look which is still funky and cute. I like how the tunic looks as a skirt.

Outfit 5:
White puff sleeve top over the tie dye with the macrame tunic under the top and belted at the waist (again my own belt). Layering is an art and here is an example of successful layering. By adding print and texture but keeping it all within the dark palette I am not adding any extra bulk to my frame, just creating a more dynamic night time look.

The cool as City Chic leather cuff accessories in more detail, which you can find in-store.

Trimapee showed some Macrame pieces at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week last week and I nearly died sitting front row seeing it go past. The trend has been gaining momentum with Rodarte and Mark Fast showing macrame style dresses at NYFW and LFW respectively. I'm so excited to own something as cool as this City Chic dress, it really is a true statement piece.


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