Summer and Spitalfields

I LOVE London in Sunshine. In fact, my personal blog, Oh The Places You'll Go! has a whole heap of posts devoted to London and heat. The thing is, I've only been here for 20 months, and I already relish sunshiney days... mind you - it was only 27C today (VERY HOT for the UK) which is nothing on Australia! LOL!

I wore my City Chic Spotty Dotty dress out today with Gladiator Sandals. The Spotty Dotty dress is part of the GORGEOUS Parisian Chic Collection. Ladies, this collection is SPOT on... dotted dresses have been part of MANY UK collections as we have endured Winter and come into Summer - and as for the frills - well, let me tell you - there isn't a chic woman's clothing store in London without frills. They are everywhere and they are gorgeous. I love the frilled hem on my dress. On colder days, I could easily slip on a pair of leggings and a jacket and this would AGAIN work has a perfect London look.

I spent my day in Spitalfield's Market near Liverpool Street Station and the famous Brick Lane. I might head down to Brick Lane in a couple of weeks and take some snaps for you. I think you will LOVE it. Retro, funky, chic meets grunge and everything else besides!

Let me know if there is anything in London you want to see, and I will make sure I take some snaps for you soon! xxx.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Spotty Dotty Dress (sold out online), part of the Parisian Chic Collection
Shoes: Gladiator Sandals bought in UK
Bag: Tourist Shopper from Berlin

Smooch - Em. x.


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