Sex and the City 2

Who isn't excited about Sex and the City 2? I've been waiting for it to come out since I walked out of the first movie. I'm such a big fan I even went on the Sex and the City tour in New York a few years back, the highlight of which is you get to stand on Carrie's stoop and have your photo taken.
However I have no idea why I chose to dress like an idiot on said tour? It was a few years ago though.

From the stills I have seen of the outfits in this film, stylist Patricia Field has truly outdone herself. The girls stay true to their characters but each of them really come out of their comfort zones donning more and more colour and intense accessories such as Samantha's studded shoulder piece. It really looks to be a fun fashion romp, a visual feast of fash-piration.

City Chic did a SATC inspired shoot with our models dressed as Samantha, Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte all looking hot in City Chic clothes. My favourite is Charlotte's look, the peplum on the dress is perfect, and Charlotte wears that style all throughout the film. The dress is currently on sale for $74.95

Diamonte bow strapless dress by City Chic on sale for $74.98, Rings: City Chic in store collection, Leather Shoulder harness: $140 Garbage Dress on Etsy, Earrings from Diva, Silver bag from Peeptoe shoes, Black studded heels from Peeptoe shoes.
Samantha is all about being bold with accessories. She always has giant earrings on and lots and lots of bling so the new City Chic range of rings is perfect for her. In SATC2 she dons some crazy studded shoulder pads and I have found this awesome young designer who makes leather shoulder harnesses customer order on etsy. Oh and as this is Samantha we are talking about the harness could double as some kind of sex toy, no?

Sparkly purple dress by City Chic currently on sale for $74.98, Diva necklace, Vintage belt, Jeffrey Campbel clogs, Hermes Kelly bag.
Miranda is a working mum and as such she has no time for nonsense fashion so she invests in classic pieces with her trademark of a little quirky vintage piece thrown in. In this film she comes out of her shell and gives up the suits for fun fashion forward looks favouring brown vintage leather pieces.

Blue ruffle tiered dress by City Chic currently on sale for $89.98, City Chic denim jacket available instore, name necklace, Prada turban, City Chic cocktail blue flower ring available instore$19.95, Vintage flower broach, Vintage chain bag, Peeptoe shoes black strappy heels.
Carrie often gets carried away with accessories, shoes and well, fashion. She will mix unusual pieces together like a denim jacket with a cocktail dress and it will look amazing. She isn't afraid to take fashion risks, hardly ever making mistakes. Her trademark name necklace will never go out of style and nor will flower broaches, classic Carrie at her best.

Strappy mesh spot lace dress currently on sale for $74.95, City Chic trench currently on sale for $89.98, Vintage bag, Vintage pearl necklace, Peeptoe shoes lace pumps.
Charlotte is a true girly girl. Her inspiration is a good 1950's housewife, but she never comes of as if she is in period dress. The is because she chooses modern cuts and accessories to create her look.

Now I'm really excited about seeing the film tonight. What about you? Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think? Have any of you been on the SATC tour too? Let me know.
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