The Bourke Street store's amazing Make Over

While I was away the Melbourne Bourke Street flagship store underwent an amazing transformation. I was privy to this info before I left so I was able to shoot some "before" photos in order to show you actually how amazing this reno was. I had seen the design sketches and heard all about it for a while from those in head office (to say the team were excited about it is an understatement) so without further adieu I present to you our Melbourne flagship store's amazing make over.

While not being daggy, the store had no wow factor (at least not like it does now).

As the stock levels had grown the racks were over crowded and didn't display the clothes to their full effect.

The change rooms were tired and dull.

I was away during this part of the process, so this photo is by Natalie from (an amazing fatshion blogger and artist whose blog you should definitely check out)

Um, wow factor much? With 9, count em 9, flat screens on each side of the entry way and a catwalk of mannequins (specially designed and made size 14 curvy ones at that too!) and that amazingly eye catching graphic square lattice work, it looks even better in person as you can walk through the space and watch the screens move, displaying our recent look book shots, and see the clothes styled to perfection on the catwalk.

Check out the curves on the mannequins!

You may notice the store looks larger too. Well that's because it is! We took over the shop space behind so now the store is no longer crowded and you have space to browse and move around without crashing into racks.

The new stock looks so good in this display, I want everything.

Our new range of shoes are proudly on display.

I love this rustic denim display wall which has a great street fashion edge thanks to the graffiti stenciled jeans. Such a cool idea.

How amazing is the new change room?

A must for any fabulous store, the boyfriend/husband seat. Seriously without that there my shopping experience is terrible thanks to a whinging husband who just wants to go home to watch the footy. Somehow sitting and waiting means he stops complaining, so really its a godsend. In fact today he spent a great deal of time waiting for me as I tried on a whole bunch of the new stock that come out while I was in Tokyo, so much fun!!! (for me, haha). Expect some outfit blog posts next week.

So there you have it. I think its pretty amazing, but what do you think? Have you had a chance to see it in person yet?


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