Harajuku Girl

Harajuku is fashion mecca in Tokyo. It's where the famous "Harajuku girls" flock to show off their zany outfits for the waiting street fashion photographers and of course to shop for the next big thing in Harajuku style. Right now that big thing is girly pastel pink, especially when worn with black. Everywhere I looked on my last visit to the area I saw girls in pastel pinks and purples in various forms. Taking inspiration from this I have come up with City Chic's own Harajuku girl outfit. Layering and over accessorising is key to achieve the Harajuku girl look, and don't be afraid of colour, these girls take it that step further and dye their hair to match their looks but we don't need to go that far to have fun Harajuku style.

City Chic frill blouse $69.95: Girly and cute blouse, perfect for your inner kawaii Harajuku girl.
City Chic fringed skirt $69.95: I always talk about texture, but I love texture so much, as do Harajuku girls. I recommend tucking the blouse into the skirt to get the full effect of the fab fringing on this skirt.
City Chic purple draped cardigan $59.95: Layer up with this bold statement making cardi.
Nasty Girl sunnies $32: Lady Gaga-esque square frames are everywhere in Harajuku right now.
City Chic bow stud belt $39.95: All the girls wear belts like this here, I'm so excited that City Chic have come out with it. The juxtaposition of the rock chick studs with the girly pink bow is so Harajuku girl statement making. I would wear it at the waistband of the fringed skirt.
Drown vortex necklace $119: Remember Harajuku style is all about bold statements and loads of accessories.
Tsumori Chisato wedges $540 USD from Opening Ceremony: Tsumori Chisato is a Japanese designer and these shoes are lust worthingly Harajuku in style. The fringing on the heel references the fringing in the City Chic skirt and the colours complement the whole look. Amazing find and so worth the price. Have you ever seen anything like them before?
Diva flower ring $14.99: For Harajuku style the opposite of Coco Chanel's less is more "take something off before you leave the house" advice is true, its all about more is more, Harajuku girls are accessories crazy!

Now for some fun lets see how it would look on an anime character.

What do you think of this Harajuku Girl look? Would you wear it? I know I would.


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