Cold in Tokyo

Remember how in my last post I said I didn't bring a jacket with me to Japan thinking the weather would be warmer? Well since then I have been stuck in my hotel room sick with a bad cold which turned into a major asthma attack. Looking at this view of Tokyo for the last 7 days and not being able to go outside has been so frustrating. If only I brought a winter coat with me, like one of these fab ones from City Chic that I have been lusting over from afar.

Military jacket $179.95
Classic black and on trend with its Military styling. Looks so warm and cosy, perfect for the recent cold weather here in Tokyo.

Red trench $149.95
Bright red in a timeless cut. The bold red would have looked amazing amongst the sea of black clad "salarymen" (Japanese for businessmen) in Tokyo.

I have to take 6 different meds to get better, one of which is in powder form which is the grossest thing ever to take as you can't escape that icky medicine taste, it just spreads all over the walls of your mouth.

Going to the doctors in Japan was a fun cultural learning experience though, as it's just so different to back home. For instance they made me wear a face mask so as not to spread my germs on other patients which would never happen in Australia.


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