Blogging from Tokyo

Hi guys. I'm currently in Tokyo on a styling research trip and of course visiting my old friends from when I lived here. I didn't realise it would be so cold so my City Chic peplum cardigan $69.95 has come in super handy as I didn't pack my coat, it is meant to be Spring after all! The above photo is of me right in the heart of Tokyo's famous Shibuya crossing, which is apparently the worlds bussiest crossing.

A highlight of my trip so far was the Lady Gaga party I was invited to. Lady Gaga performed three songs for the Mac cosmetics Viva Glam HIV charity event and it has to be the best night of my life ever. I was so close to her as you can see in my photo, and as I am a huge fan I got kinda emotional and cried throughout her performance. I swear she looked right into my eyes.

Ok so more posts coming tomorrow, just wanted to let you know what's up.


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