What I Wore - Still holding onto that Summer sun

I didn't want Summer to ever end. I'd been loving wearing this outfit down by the beach and then straight out to the bar afterwards (minus the hat of course) so much so that people started to give me funny looks. How many times can you wear an outfit in a row before it becomes weird? Anyway the weather turned over the weekend so I had to finally stop wearing it. For now at least, just wait till that sun comes out again, I'll be putting this outfit right back on, ha. Or another idea is to wear tights under the shorts, that way I can wear them all through winter. Good thinking 99.

Outfit Details:

Floral top: City Chic $69.95
Denim Shorts: City Chic $69.95
Hat: My sisters
Necklace: Make Believe (gift from the designers)
Gladiator sandals: Target
Bag: Vintage find


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