D.I.Y. embellished shoulder pads

Step 1:
Gather all your materials. You will need:
  • Black shoulder pads from a craft supplies store such as Lincraft or Spotlight.
  • Sharp scissors are a must for any crafter.
  • Sewing needles, thread and pins.
  • Your embellishment materials, I decided to test out fringing, feathers, ribbon and chain.
  • As I was thinking of using chain I had my jewellery round nose pliers and metal cutting pliers on hand too.
Step 2:
Pin your chosen design to your shoulder pad. I decided to go with the simple yet effective look of fringing around the edges of the shoulder pad. Very marching band and Balmain-esque.

Step 3:
Once pinned sew your design onto the shoulder pad.

Step 4:

Attach your newly embellished shoulder pad to your black blazer. You can use safety pins to affix it if you didn't want the look to be permanent.

And there you have it, making my fab new City Chic tuxedo blazer my own with some awesome fringed shoulder pads. I'm still wanting to use the unused chain and feathers in some craft projects, you'll have to wait till my next installment of D.I.Y. to find out what I make next.


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